The exclusive dining experience on the Princess Discovery is unlike any other I have been a part of during my travels.

"360: An Extraordinary Experience" is dining immersion making one feel like you’re sitting in the Greek countryside with olive trees or smelling the fragrance of lavender in the south of France. Thanks to Princess Cruises, I savored this time with fellow bloggers.

I immediately became captivated with the experience when I heard beautiful music played by two violinists and felt transported to Europe. Entering the tucked away area, it was evident this would not be the usual cruise-ship dining room.  Softly lit for a reason, wrap around colorful pictures on the curved walls soon emerged.   

Just 20 diners - typically suite guests - are allowed at one time, and by reservation only. Upon entering the room, each person was escorted to a preassigned seat where the sensory show was unfolding.  The seating is arranged in a U shape, and every diner sees their name projected on the table somewhat like a placemat, which adds to the feel of a personal welcome.


Maître d´ Rafael introduced himself, and then like clockwork servers began to bring in drinks and food with no time to sit idle. Actress and model Brooke Shields narrated the panoramic journey, making us feel as if we were sailing on the ship to each destination. The accompanying taste of foods and sips of wines transported each person into the countries using immersion video with sights and sounds. Vivid pictures of Greece with its olive oil, Italy’s pasta, that French lavender, and a Spanish filet of beef made the dining journey look very edible. And it was, as each plated item matched the culinary theme for the country.




Part of the 90-minute dining advenvarious ture is not knowing what to expect next until you’ve finished the previous course and anticipated what could be next. The foods are prepared to perfection and no additional condiments were needed. Table décor also represented the countries. I touched the French honeycomb plate with bees and they - but I was sure glad the they were jelly and not real! . 

Because the dining is in a secluded room, there are plenty of staff to assist with the comfort level for each guest. Individual dietary restrictions are made ahead of time so everyone can enjoy this time.



Don’t expect to hear every detail from prior passengers because it’s an individual experience and no one wants to spoil it for future guests. This 360 "extraordinary" experience is just that: extraordinary - and so far available on the Discovery Princess as well as and the Enchanted Princess.

Cruise ship dining will never be the same for me after this, and I look forward to doing it again.




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