Last month a Nigerian Telecoms company announced that it will expand their top of the range fibre optic network to include Benin and Togo thus giving more opportunities for Internet based marketing to a wider number of businesses and individuals.Phase3 Telecom, Nigeria’s leading communications network provider plans this move to bring the total of network connected West African countries to six, enabling faster and more efficient communication for the region and linking them to the rest of the world. By doing this they also allow the possibility of the network spreading even further to Ghana, and maybe beyond to cover the whole of the West Africa region.As my interests are in the Responsible Tourism industry within the West African region, I see this as a great opportunity for Responsible Tourism projects to invest in internet marketing and potentially attracting a wider market to their countries. This could contribute towards the development of sustainability, and put emphasis on the valorisation and conservation of cultural, historical, natural and social heritages.New technology and tourism marketing could work hand in hand to achieve the goal of putting West Africa on the map as the next Responsible Tourism destination. This in turn would valorise the awe-inspiring and inspirational elements that make the region so special and increase the awareness of markets that were not before reachable towards the potential for sustainable development, renewable energies and responsible tourism in the concerned countries.This may be the next big step in the development of the West African region, the step that may unite the countries of West Africa through communication so that they can work together as a community towards their common goals.To read the article that prompted me to write this blog, click here.To visit our web portal, follow www.westafricadiscovery.comEmail me at