Necessary Supplies For A Road Trip


Road trips can be a lot of fun and a great way to travel with flexibility and convenience. But they can also quickly turn into a never-ending string of "are we there yet" enquires. When planning your road trip, there's a number of things you should include in your packing list in order to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Mix CD- Most essential item on any self-respecting road trip. You want a mix CD with up-beat songs, which you can sing along to. You can never go wrong with the classics. This will keep everyone entertained and well awake.

Snacks/Water- Kids (and most grown ups too), tend to get cranky when they start getting hungry. It is not always practical to stop at a service station to eat, nor is it as economical or healthy as packing your own snacks. Make sandwiches, take fresh fruit, pack some cereal bars, and add some milk or juice packages. Water is also essential, since it will guarantee everyone stays hydrated.

Sunglasses/sunscreen- Being inside a car is not like being inside a house. It's very easy to get a bit too exposed to the sun inside a car, which is why you should take necessary precautions. Sunscreen will protect you from the worst of the sun, making sure you don't end up striped (one side tanned, one side untanned). Sunglasses are invaluable for the driver at least, since the sun reflected off the road can really put a strain on the eyes.

Blanket/Travel pillow- Both of these should be kept well away from the driver - however wistfully he gazes at them - but they can really come in handy for everyone else. When the day starts getting chilly, or if you're simply in a mood for a cozy nap, you'll be glad you packed them.

Paper bags- Remember all those tasty snacks you brought along with you? You'll need a place in which to dispose of the remains, as well as the wrappers, packages, etc. A tidy car is a happy car.

Moist towels - Whenever you need to freshen up, these will become your new best friends. Also practical to clean your hands before you eat, after you eat, when you spill something while eating, and after you refuel your car.

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