9008696071?profile=originalMostly referred to as the highest point of Africa by mountain climbers, Mount Kilimanjaro is actually the tallest mountain in the African region. Its highest peaks rest at an altitude of 5895 meters above the sea level. Climbing mount Kilimanjaro is a memorable adventure activity, full of a wonderful and life-long experience as one goes from one campsite to another at different altitudes of the mountain with the help of a mountain guide.

Most climbers prefer climbing this gigantic African mountain during February and July, though it is accessible to all throughout the year. Apart from this vast extinct volcano, more and more of African wonders will always leave you with a lot of questions to ask yourself as you watch in disbelief the rare adventures as you go through this land of geographical drama!

Have you ever heard about the yearly migration of the wildebeests ? If yes, then you only need to come to Africa and see for yourself what you are missing. This is one of the most spectacular scenes in this world of tourism. It normally takes place between the northern part of Serengeti national park in Tanzania and the southern part of Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya.

The unbelievable long and vast line of a huge mass of migrating animals consists of both grazers and browsers of the plains game. The main reason for their migration is known and understandable, but their tactics and determination of crossing the river is difficult to comprehend. Their movement pattern during their search for greener pastures is consistent and predictable, and lots of drama at the crossing point along the Mara river make tourists come to Africa year in, year out!

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