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800px-Wildebeest_Migration_in_Serengeti_National_Park%2C_Tanzania.jpg?width=800Daniel Rosengren

Rated among the world’s seven wonders, each year millions of wildebeest and zebras migrate clockwise from Tanzania's Serengeti to Kenya's Masai Mara, mating along the way. One thing with the wildebeest migration, you have to get your timing perfectly right; there is no point to come for wildebeest migration and end up gazing over the resident wildebeest and zebras. You need to know exactly where and when to visit, these is where my month by month guide comes in handy!


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Just to hit the nail on the head, one of the best Africa tourist destinations is Tanzania. This is another region in Africa that I can comfortably describe as 'the world in summery', because in the tourism fraternity, it has all it takes for any adventurous traveler to sacrifice till the last penny for! This is the basic reason why budget travelers, luxury lodge travelers, the young, aged and any other group of travelers who get a chance of coming to Africa would always want to spare a week or s

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9008698678?profile=originalOur holiday services is a combination of unique Kenya and Tanzania travel packages which include visits to the most preferred Kenya and Tanzania tour destinations to provide the ultimate Kenya and Tanzania safari experience .

This adventure travel starts from south of Kenya and ends in Tanzania. You'll dine and sleep under the African stars in our adventure mobile tents. We are flexible and everything you'll need will travel with you, from cooking utensils to a professional private chef.

You'll ge

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9008696071?profile=originalMostly referred to as the highest point of Africa by mountain climbers, Mount Kilimanjaro is actually the tallest mountain in the African region. Its highest peaks rest at an altitude of 5895 meters above the sea level. Climbing mount Kilimanjaro is a memorable adventure activity, full of a wonderful and life-long experience as one goes from one campsite to another at different altitudes of the mountain with the help of a mountain guide.

Most climbers prefer climbing this gigantic African mountai

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