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10 Tips on Press Releases

This is a presentation I gave to the Caribbean Tourism Organization's PR Alliance May 20th. In theory, it was about press releases for the travel trade, but it applies to releases for consumers, too.

If you're a media professional, you're probably doing all the right things already. Or are you? Here goes: 

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Hard to believe, but some people still put the words "Press Release" or "News from So-and-so Public Relations" in the subject line. Now, the recipients are going through score

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9008712861?profile=originalANALYSIS: TRAVEL ADVERTORIALS. With tourism being a multi-billion dollar industry collecting the spending from 1 billion tourists in 2012, the hunt at travel agencies, airlines and hotel bookers for new customers is at the boiling point. The media has of course seen the trend, and the number of glossy magazines, websites with amazing photos and travel phone apps is increasing by the minute. Being a part of all this, the Traveling Reporter as well as, most likely, every other travel website edito

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Rescuing the Travel PR Release: Tips, Tricks and Traps

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In spite of the huge changes Social Media has caused in the way information is created and distributed, the untargeted, word-dense travel press release still dominates.

It’s the type most often sent to travel bloggers (and off-line media) in the hope that someone somewhere will pick it up and run with it.

Except almost no one “runs with,” or publishes a generic, one-way press release.

However, a release on which a
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Why Travel Public Relations Must Change

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Why Travel Public Relations Has to Change

In his very successful book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, social media guru David Meerman Scott sounds the death knell for public relations as we have known it in the last hundred or so years.

In fact, until the advent of social media, public relations hasn't changed much since the 18th century when its use was first recorded. The term actually appeared in 1897 in the Year Book of Railway Literature.

Then and mostly now, PR professiona
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