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Why people need short vacations!

Life can get boring and mundane, had it not been for vacations and weekend breaks. To live a commonplace and monotonous life is hardly rewarding. It serves no purpose, in fact, it has a bad effect on mental and physical health. Irrespective of whether it is one day vacation or a month long one, vacations are necessary for one and all. Imagine continuously working for months on end – what a pain that would prove to be! 

9009173865?profile=originalIf may be an explorer or a laid-back person – there are vacation options avail

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Mumbai when considered is a mega city from all its perspectives, driven by potential, prosperity, allure and glory which attracts people from worldwide to get their dreams and wishes come true. The city of Mumbai has historical beauties, splendid British architectural works, museums, charming beaches, place of spiritual importance and moreover shelters the great grand universe of the Bollywood industry. Mumbai is spotted in fastest growing cities in India and hold many locations where travelers

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9009114289?profile=originalChoosing to stay at eco-friendly hotels when you travel is a great way to help the planet. Now there is a simply way to make greener travel choices. The travel review website TripAdvisor has devised a certification program to help people make environmental travel choices to stay at eco-friendly accommodations around the world.

Called TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, the program awards badges at different status levels to eco-friendly hotels, lodges and B&Bs, from budget to luxury, that are all committed

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Is Jumeirah Beach Visible From The Space?

Located at the coast of the Persian gulf and named after the district of Jumeirah in Dubai, the Jumeirah beach is a white sand beach developed through a dredging process. Sand was dredged from the Persian gulf and sprayed in the water in the shape of land masses. This beach houses over 65,000 people. It is a beautiful place for those who love going on vacations and enjoying beautiful scenic views.


From an image taken from space, it is clear that the beach is not just beautiful because of the wate

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For a sojourn to a perfectly planned city by the famous master planner Le Corbusier, a city where divergent streams of humanity coalesce – from ambitious industrialists to aspiring corporates, IT experts and officials working for this dual capital city of Punjab and Haryana states, come ensconce yourselves in any one of the many charming and sophisticated hotels in Chandigarh.

Hotels in Chandigarh near Elante Mall – a mega complex with attractive shopping of international brands, a plethora of ex

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Street food of any city gives travelers a chance to partake the local cuisine in its undiluted form. The picture doesn't change in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, capital of Andra Pradesh state. A plethora of choices awaits the visitors in the city and they can try out different options without getting bored. This is surely a must do activity for you if you are coming here in the near future. So which are the must try street food options for you during your visit to Hyderabad? Here below

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Gurgaon, the second biggest urban center in the state of Haryana is settled near the national capital of India, Delhi. Full of marvelous residential and official complexes and numerous shopping malls, this city is one of the most aristocratic regions attached to the urban center of Delhi. Owing to the vast industrial exposure, Gurgaon is developing at a very rapid pace, and has made its entrance, into the list of the cities possessing the top per capita income in India. Sector 29 in Gurgaon is o

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Hotels in Hanoi

Hanoi offers a range of accommodation with the majority of budget hotels located in the tangled streets of the Old Quarter. Outside of Hoan Kiem District, a handful of good four and five star hotels can be found. Beyond Hanoi, options are slightly more limited, but what is there is of excellent value.

We would like to recommend you some excellent Hanoi hotels as below:

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi: 15 Ngo Quyen Str; tel 04 3826 6919

This 1901 landmark was renovated by the French Sofitel company i

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Tourist Attraction Around Delhi

Delhi is important tourist destinations and also the centre place for going to many tourists destinations. It is a place where thousands of national and international tourists land every day. As Agra is near to Delhi, most of the people go for Delhi Agra tour even in their weekends. Delhi Agra tour starts from Delhi and after visiting important places of Delhi proceed towards Agra. In Agra there are also lots of destinations to visit. So after visiting these destinations as per plan then again c

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Spend a memorable Tet holiday with your family at the boutique Hanoi Imperial Hotel. Enter the Lunar New Year in a peaceful oasis at the heart of the historic capital city - and discover the charm of the Imperial.


Book rooms, discount 20% and enjoy our Traditional Tet


Valid from January 25th to Feb 28th, 2011.


Only USD 70 net for a Superior single, USD 75 net for  a Superior double


This special prce includes:


-         New Year breakfast, lunch and dinner on the first day of Lunar New Year.


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