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Traveling to and with the Sound of Music

Tourism has many forms, and the niche tourism market is not only a growing market, but also understanding one niche helps tourism and travel professionals to apply the same principles to other niche markets.  One such market is the music and music festivals as a travel and tourism motivator. 

Although often overlooked, both music and tourism share a great deal in common.  Both are good for the soul, both attempt to lift a person's spirits and both help the person leave the doldrums of everyday li

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9008623474?profile=originalSetubal Music Festival just ended. Organized by Municipality of Setúbal and Helen Hamlyn Trust had the goal to join synergies of the experience of the English company which also organizes the Cty of London Festival (where Ian Ritchie is the director) and locals portuguese schools and associations. Ian Ritchie made a challenge of perpetuate this event during a long-term and we think the main goal is correct and done !


Setubal Music Festival covered 750 of Portuguese Music, from Medieval kings up

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Inspiring. Religious. Beautiful. Every August (in 2015, Aug. 20-23), the enchanting village of Vézelay in Burgundy, some 90 minutes' drive west of DijonFrance brings the rich sounds of classical, spiritual, gospel and liturgical music together in one room during its annual "Rencontres Musicales de Vézelay."

Vézelay, dubbed "One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France" and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a charming town perched high on a hilltop in Burgundy.

Home to stone Romanesque hous
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Setúbal Music Festival

9008620265?profile=originalIan Ritchie (Artistic Director of the Festival) and also Director of the famous City of London Festival wants to perpetuate what will be an amazing event in Setúbal at Portugal Dream Coast, called Setúbal Music Festival. 


The 1st Annual Setúbal Music Festival will be on May 27th, 28th and 29th of May 2011 and during this three days the Festival will cover 750 years of Portuguese Music, from medieval era up to the editions of this year. The Setúbal Music Festival is the result of synergies betwee

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Music has always been part of the commonly shared culture found in the geographical region of west Africa, and the region has produced, in my view, some of the most talented and influential artists of music history. For millennia, the likes of the Jembe, Kora and Balafon musical instruments have influenced much of the music that we hear today on our radios.

For example, blues music has always been linked to the deep south of the United States, but have you ever wondered where the origins of blues
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