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9008801252?profile=originalThe Tortuguero coast in Costa Rica is a 22-mile-long, desolate, volcanic black sand beach littered with driftwood and tree logs tossed up on shore from the untamed ocean. It is a wild place – like the imaginary jungle coast in Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are.” There is nothing but beach and low, swampy jungle for miles and miles. You can’t swim here because of rough surf, strong currents and sharks that will eat you – adding to the isolation.

Known as Costa Rica's “little Amazon” for

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Do you like to work out in your hotel’s gym when you’re away? If you happen to be staying in Denmark’s Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, keeping fit while traveling will help generate the hotel’s electricity and earn you meal vouchers in their restaurant. The flagship eco-hotel is the first hotel in Denmark to generate all of its power from renewable sources – solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling pumps, and stationary bicycles connected to generators which provide the hotel’s electricity.

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A Guide to Eco-Travel Destinations

Make your next holiday an eco travel adventure and really get back to nature! Below are the top 10 countries in the world which are the most environmentally friendly a, so leave your gas-guzzling car at home and embrace your inner green deity!

1. Switzerland is blessed with an abundance of mountains and lakes and is ideal for an alpine adventure.


2. Norway – The Norwegian tourist board slogan is ‘Powered by nature’ which is a great start in itself! Check out the serene fjordland of mighty cliffs,

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