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Frequently increasing sales in businesses is one of the main aims of any travel agency. Nowadays, the competition is plenty and rough as many travel agencies are establishing every day. Each of these agencies is trying to compete for a piece of cake and sell more to clients. Unfortunately, a good number of them lose focus while competing for clients. So instead of winning more clients to their agency, they don’t recall who they are doing it for. If you want your travel agency to be recognized, y

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9296607059?profile=originalBuilding in Costa Rica is very different from North America and most of Europe. Located between 9 and 11 degrees latitude above the equator, Costa Rica’s tropical climate comes with its own special considerations.

There are four constants in Costa Rica: sun, rain, wind, and … more sun, rain and wind! Unlike Northern Hemisphere homes designed for freeze-thaw cycles, Costa Rica’s eternal tropical climate deals mostly with varying levels of humidity. Then there is all of that amazing tropical biodiv

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9008933855?profile=originalJohn Boggs first fell in love with Costa Rica many years ago when he was in the Air Force stationed in Panama. He visited Costa Rica frequently for R&R and on business, but it wasn’t until 2013 when he and his wife, Gay, finally moved to the renowned tropical country to retire.


Selling their house in Virginia, they opted for the adventure of international retirement life and chose Atenas, Costa Rica for their new home. The couple liked Costa Rica’s family-based culture and chose Atenas for its g

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What Is Authentic Luxury Travel?


When I first started writing about Authentic Luxury Travel no one seemed to know what I meant. Most folks thought that ALT was synonymous with five-star resorts and high-end cruise ships. In those days, I spent a lot of time defining “authentic” as it applies to travel.

But times have changed, and now a whole lot of people endorse the concept while acknowledging that it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

Carsten Becker arranges custom itineraries in Germany and other parts of Europe thr

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