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Thien Mu Pagoda

Famous for the sacred pray of peace, grace and beautiful scenery, many temples in Hue are destinations of numerous tourists inside and outside the province. Hue temples usually have large space, beautiful and very sacred scenery, so it is a destination of many tourists on the occasion of the spring of the new year. Here are 5 famous sacred temples in Hue attracting a large number of tourists to visit:

1. Thien Mu Pagoda:

About 5km to the west of Hue city, Thien Mu Pagoda is Hue's oldest pagoda, l

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10 Romantic Things to Do in Paris at Night

Paris' landmark lined avenues, exhibition halls, traditional bistros, and stores are upgrading by another rush of interactive media displays, inventive wine bars, plan shops, and new tech companies.

List of 10 Romantic Things to Do in Paris at Night

  •       Explore the Eiffel Tower
  •       Partake in a Captivating Cabaret
  •       Stroll around the beautiful Park in Paris
  •       Enjoy the Sunset Cruise
  •       Romantic Visit to Paris
  •       Experience a dinner at Paris
  •       Try a Hot Chocolate
  •       Taste the Pari
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7 Top Shopping Stops in Cambodia


Every holiday trip can’t be ended without buying souvenirs back home for friends, relatives or family. In each country, the locals sell different, skillfully crafted, local handicrafts and lovely gifts for tourists in term of promoting a country tourism, culture and earning for the daily living. Purchasing those souvenirs should be started with bargaining at most of places and shoulPd not bargain at a few some places that you know those works for social enterprise, non-profit wo

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7 best things to do in Ankara Turkey

Ankara is often overlooked on travel plans, which is unfortunate since Turkey's capital has more to offer than most tourists know. Ankara is a fantastic place to visit if one of your main travel goals is to learn more about Turkey's rich past. The country's top museum and Atatürk's mausoleum are both located here, and Ankara's citadel district provides a peek into the city's history before its promotion to capital status. Ankara's central position makes it an ideal starting point for further exp

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Cool Things to Do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodian Cooking Classes
Cambodian-Cooking-Class-160318018-250pixelThe cooking class station is located away from Siem Reap central town about 6km, provides the best insight into local life’s culinary including 30 minutes guided walking tour around local village to visit local family and learn about traditional Khmer household, local ingredients, food customs and superstition regarding to Khmer food. You’re going to hand on everything from the beginning to the end. You have experienced chef standing by, shows and explain you detail dur

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7 Unbelievably free things to do in Singapore

You probably have heard a lot about Singapore's reputation for being expensive. Now, if you're signing off to the plan of visiting the Merlion City- it will be a wrong decision. Why? Well, there are quite a handful of things to do that won't even ask for a penny. You need to touch the surface to see what's real and what's hype. But before that, here is a glimpse of free things that you can opt for in your Singapore trip. So without wasting another minute, dive dip!

Do remember, money can take you

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What To Dress In Iran?

Dress Code in Iran

Iran is a country with respecting Islamic rules including “Hijab”. However such rules are not observed strictly, especially for tourists and foreigners.

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Tourists are generally encouraged to dress conservatively when going through the Middle East; however clothing standard is a precarious thing with regards to Iran. That is a result of individuals’ recognition from Iran, those who have typically just observed the dark Chador on International News channels.

Iranian women are, howev

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Ten things you can't do in Dubai

Ten things you can't do in Dubai

Laws in the United Arab Emirates have again been thrust into the spotlight after a British citizen in Dubai was arrested for sharing a charity post on his Facebook page.

Most people know Dubai is tough on drugs; that tourists can get in trouble for drinking alcohol outside designated areas; and people who have sex in public can find themselves facing the full force of the law.

There are some other unpredictable ways of falling foul of the law in Dubai - even if the

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8 Top Activities of Pismo Beach, California

Pismo.jpg                    Nodq

In California's San Luis Obispo County, some 3½ hours north of Los Angeles, this charming small town is known for its beaches and wineries, but also has a number of other cool attractions well worth your time, from historical to cultural. Here are eight of the coolest; for a complete list of Pismo Beach attractions, click here

Be enchanted by butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly Grove.


Enjoy the sunset at Pismo Pier.


Explore sand banks in buggies at Oceano Pismo Dune

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Hi guys, have you ever visited Vietnam? Or are you planning to visit Vietnam soon?

Then Halong Bay should be your ideal place to visit and enjoy your holidays on cruises.

However, I know the sinking feeling when you just realize you've accidentally left something critical, regardless of whether it's your smartphone in the auto or your wallet at the eatery you simply left. That inclination is much more awful when you're on a journey and find that you've overlooked something at home. While only one

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The 5 Best Things to do in Istanbul

A trip to the capital of Turkey wouldn't be complete without these top 5 attractions in Istanbul.

Some might say that Istanbul is just a place for shopping, but this city unites Europe and Asia. Istanbul is a destination with unique culture, architecture, food, music, literature, and more.


Here are the top 5 things not to miss while visiting Istanbul:


1. Whirling Dervish

Whirling Dervish

This is one of the most unique religious ceremonies one can witness.

The whirling dervish ceremony, or sama, blurs the lines betw

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Fun Things to do in Ventura, Southern California

Are you on the lookout to do something exciting in the lively town of Ventura? If yes, then read on to find more about fun things to do in Ventura:

Ventura to Ojai Paved Bike Path: One of the best things to do with kids in Ventura is going for a bike ride with them. The biking path runs from Ventura to the nearby city of Ojai. This town is popularly known as 'Shangri-la' that is synonymous with 'paradise on Earth'! Ojai has earned this name because it offers breath-taking landscapes. So, while ri

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Tips for Everest Trekking in Nepal

Tips for Everest Trekking in Nepal

You must get some tips for Everest Trekking in Nepal before you start your journey. Nepal is endowed with trekking opportunities that are scattered around the world. A trip to Everest Region does not just provoke you to arrive at the most elevated height you can ever try to reach by walking, however, it additionally compensates you with rousing perspectives on probably the most noteworthy tops on the planet. The excellent perspective on the Everest scene can be

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Top 5 Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia


The city of Savannah has a history stretching back to 1733, when it became the Georgia colony's first settlement. Today the state's fifth largest city, its lovely and famous historic quarter will keep you busy for several days visiting its gracious manses, forts, theaters, and other historic sites - easily doable on foot but also by bike and horse-drawn carriage. But there's even more, including fascinating museums and culture; a delicious dining scene; and fun family activities. It all adds up

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Did you known that Jacksonville (population around 904,000) is the Sunshine State's most populous city? It also happens to be one of the state's most attractive. This clean, progressive, and modern metropolis on northeastern Florida's St. John's River is a great place to visit, and a great place to live, from its amenities to its surprisingly
low cost of living and excellent job availability. However, beyond beyond its lifestyle, a city with little to keep you occupied during your free time sti

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What's Happening in Europe in October

Europe is a perfect place to visit when it comes to celebrate those October festivities. That chill in the air when winter knocks the doors to enter can be an ideal time to celebrate some of the best festivals especially across Europe. Your list of things to do in Europe in October can never end with so many countries immersing in wine and pleasure during this season. All the European tourist attractions don a festive covering to welcome people from Europe and other countries. Come let us see ho

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walt-disney-worlds-magic-kingdom.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xGuy Percival

What would the perfect family getaway look like for you? For many, the perfect answer is a vacation filled with theme park fun, where your kids can meet some of their favorite cartoon characters and enjoy thrilling rides.

And of course the theme-park capital of the world is the city of Orlando in central Florida, with nearly a dozen theme and water parks large and small which attract millions of families - as well as just adults, mostly traveling in couples and groups of friends

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Famous for its sun-loving beaches to beautiful and mesmerized islands, masses of all ages love to kayak down the flowing water, get their body and mind relaxed in the spa and flow with the rhythm of the city life. Perfect destination for those who are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday is located in Southeast Asia i.e. Philippines.

Following are the things that you can add to your checklist for an exciting trip-


Image result for Hinagdanan cave of Bohol swimming"

If you love to challenge yourself with unprecedented elements, th

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A Quick, Handy Intro to Greece


Not many countries in Europe can offer you the multitude of attractions of Greece, including sandy beaches with limpid waters; ancient ruins and citadels; lush forests; delicious cuisine; numerous cultural festivals; and relaxed lifestyle, not as fast paced as many developed European countries.  There are simply so many amazing cities and regions in this relatively small country, and choosing among them can be challenging. But here's a quick look at some of its highlights to help you d

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5 things to do in Badung Bali

There is no surprise in the fact that a vacation to Bali is in the bucket list of many travel lovers and wanderlust souls. After all, being an amazing combination of archaeological masterpieces, exquisite art markets, serene beaches, happening night clubs, spiritual temples and mouth – watering, Bali is nothing less than just perfect. Badung is a regency of Bali province which is located at a distance of around 15 kms from the capital of Bali province.

  1. Visit Dreamland Beach

Surrounded by towering

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