How To Apply For The Australian Working Holiday Visa?

The visa system in Australia is very complex but we will help you to understand it and we will clarify the fundamental points. You need to know that a residence permit is not enough to work in the country, but a work permit is also required (it is illegal to work if you have a tourist visa). It is therefore important to choose the type of visa that best suits your characteristics and needs. The legislation of reference is the Migration Regulations which defines the criteria for admission of foreigners, the rights and duties of the same and the conditions under which they can be expelled.


Australia Working Holiday Visa

The Residence Permit for young people who want to study and work in Australia is the Working Holiday Visa, a sub-category of Temporary Visa. This visa lasts one year, costs 365 Australian dollars (just under 300 euros) and is reserved for under-31s; you can enter Australia before you have reached the 31st year of life if you want to stay only 365 days (1 year). This visa allows you to work in any sector and with any type of contract (part-time, full-time or casual) provided they are not used by the same employer for a period longer than 6 months.

How to apply for the Working Holiday Visa?

The application for the Working Holiday Visa can be made online on the Australian Government website. Just log in and fill in the appropriate form. If the visa is approved, after a few hours (in case of checks after days) the user will receive an email with the Visa number and the documentation. A self-declaration will also be required to certify that the registrant will be able to maintain himself and will be able to purchase the return flight ticket. While this Self-certification is sufficient for the Working Holiday Visa, for other visas it is compulsory to own the plane ticket for the return.

Can you renew for another year? You can renew the WHV whether you are still in Australian territory and want to prolong your stay, whether you are leaving Australia and want to apply for a second visa for another year. The necessary requisites are: 

Having completed 88 days by doing specific jobs (work in the agricultural field, fishing, tree cutting, mining work, construction work) in the Australian regional areas during the first Working Holiday Visa
Be aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive) when applying for a visa
Not be accompanied by children during the entire stay in Australia.
If the visa is requested outside the Australian territory, it must be requested no earlier than 12 months from the scheduled date to return to Australia.

Do you need anything else besides the WHV? To work in Australia are required small certifications that vary depending on the sector in which you want to operate? For example, working with children requires a Working with Children Check, a document issued by the Australian police that certifies the absence of a criminal record. To work in bars and be allowed to serve alcohol, a "responsible serving alcohol" RSA course is required that can be obtained online or by attending classes (costs and methods vary depending on the state); instead, to work in the construction world the White Card is required, ie a course on workplace safety. Usually when you are in Australia it is the employers themselves who explain to you what certifications you need and give you information on how to get them.

Temporary Visa for Australia

Those wishing to work in Australia for a short period of time can apply for Temporary Visa. The condition necessary to obtain this type of visa is to already be in contact with an Australian employer, who will have to fill in a specific documentation to allow the foreigner to apply for a visa. The validity of the residence permit is 4 years. Basically, those aged 31 and above who want to work in Australia cannot think of moving and then looking for work on the spot, but they have to find work even before leaving. Fortunately, now the technological tools and the internet help, for example the interviews can be done via Skype.

Australia Skilled Migration Visa

Those who decide to work in Australia for a long period of time must apply for Skilled Migration Visa. The Australian Department of Immigration issues these visas at its discretion, based on the professional figures required in the country. How to get this type of visa? It is necessary to demonstrate that they possess the necessary requisites that are evaluated through a points system. Points are awarded based on various factors such as: language skills, age, professional skills and work experience. By doing a web search you can easily find agencies that allow foreigners to calculate their score to know if they are eligible to obtain a visa before starting the application procedure that can be long and require payment of money. If the point’s evaluation is successful, the foreigner can apply for a residence permit. You will need a complete documentation to attach to the application including birth certificate, passport, any additional certificates and letters of reference. How many visas are available? The number of visas issued is at the discretion of the Australian authorities.

For each application to obtain a residence permit it is necessary to pay a commission, which can also be huge. The amount of the commission is subject to continuous changes, to get detailed and updated information we advise you to visit the Australian Government website.

It is possible to hire a consultant to be guided in the process, but this does not ensure that your application is accepted. For anyone in need of support and assistance, the Australian Immigration Department provides certified Australian immigration agents that offer paid consulting services. The immigration agent can recommend the most appropriate type of visa, provide assistance in completing the visa application, present it on your behalf and act as a link with the relevant offices. Assistance from consultants is not mandatory, it is only an additional service; in fact, every user can submit his / her own practices in a completely autonomous way by contacting the Immigration Department directly. It is strongly advised to consult the list of agents at the Migration Agents Registration Authority - MARA website to avoid incurring possible scams by whistleblowers who offer this service even if not authorized.