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Australia, often affectionately known as "Down Under", beckons with its sun-kissed beaches, sprawling landscapes, and a promise of a laid-back yet invigorating lifestyle. Moving to Australia isn’t just about a change in location; it's about embracing a life brimming with opportunities, cultural diversity, and a sense of belonging.

Why Choose Australia? 

Australia is a land of contrasts. From the urban sprawl of Sydney to the untamed wilderness of the Outback, the continent offers a unique blend

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Vision Immigration consultancy

Vision Immigrations is a Delhi/NCR based Immigration Firm that has been delivering solutions to clients since 2019. It is the pioneer in the field of PR and Visa Consulting with accurate and precise guidance on the immigration process.


Vision immigrations consultants in India are recognized for providing sound and lawful advice on where and how to settle a person abroad in countries like Canada, Australia , Singapore, Germany, Dubai , USA, UK, Ireland. Vision Immigration is the leading immigratio

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The visa system in Australia is very complex but we will help you to understand it and we will clarify the fundamental points. You need to know that a residence permit is not enough to work in the country, but a work permit is also required (it is illegal to work if you have a tourist visa). It is therefore important to choose the type of visa that best suits your characteristics and needs. The legislation of reference is the Migration Regulations which defines the criteria for admission of fore

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Tourism and Migrations


All around the world, immigration and refugees are a hot topic. Europe is locked in a debate as to how to handle the millions of people who seek to migrate there. The US also has a similar debate running through its presidential election process.  This article does not address the issue of immigration and refugees but it does look at how the movements of people impact the tourism industry.
Tourism is much more than merely about the movement of people from one place to another.  It is also th

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From From Kaleel
Arizona's Immigration Law Hits Tourism Hard

The last thing in the world Nevada and Las Vegas need now is an Arizona-type immigration bill.

If the "sin" doesn't undo sin city, the proposed Arizona-like immigration bill might.

Speaking to Travel Weekly the travel trade publication, Rossi Ralenkotter, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority lamented that Arizona lost about $90 million dollars in tourism revenue because meetings, conventions and related businesses stoppe
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