Cool Facts About Vietnam

9009425280?profile=original Vietnam is an ancient temple, stunning nature, a warm sea all year round, the ability to go on a trip, play for real money in secured gambling sites for Vietnamese players and that's not all. Interested in? I suggest reading interesting facts about mysterious Vietnam.

  • Plastic money

Vietnamese money (dongs) is made of plastic (polymer money). They are more expensive to manufacture, but they do not get wet and do not tear.

  • Expensive pleasure

There are very few cars in Vietnam. If a Vietnamese wants to buy a car, he needs to pay 100% tax when buying, and then pay 20% of the cost of the car annually. But that is not all. In Vietnam, there is no auto production, so at the border, you need to pay another 200% of the cost for paperwork. In total, a Vietnamese car owner costs three cars in other countries, and he pays the cost of a fourth car for five years with an annual tax. As you can see, only very rich Vietnamese can afford a car, but you can always jump on a moped!

  • Young drivers

Drive a motorbike from a young age. Officially, you can drive a moped from the age of 16, but the police are turning a blind eye to this. Driving is not taught, the procedure for obtaining moto-rules is formal: you just need to drive a certain section with the instructor. A moped in the life of a young Vietnamese plays the same role as the first American car, which dad gives his son with the words "Well, you have become an adult, son" :)

  • Vietnamese hat

A traditional Vietnamese pointed hat came into being as protection against coconuts falling from trees. Having fallen on such a hat, a coconut, of course, will hit a person, but not fatally, after which it will bounce to the side. Without a hat, falling a coconut onto your head most often results in death.

  • The most popular form of transport

It's about a motorcycle. Every day, up to 10 million drivers leave on the roads of Vietnam. There is even a motorcycle taxi, which is cheaper than usual, and separate roads for motorbikes.

  • National drink

Tinctures on snakes - the national drink of Vietnam. They are prepared with rice wine or bread alcohol and drunk at the first opportunity. It is believed that they are equally effective both as a prophylactic and as a cure for any ailments. Moreover, they say, the more poisonous the snake, the better the tincture.

  • Vietnamese rice

Vietnam is the second-largest per capita rice consumer in the world. Rice here is really eaten at all with everything. Rice varieties, by the way, there are many dozens.

  • No regular milk

In Vietnamese shops and supermarkets it is almost impossible to find ordinary milk - everywhere, for some reason, only sweetened is sold.

  • Exotic food

Vietnamese eat bats and other bats, ordinary mice and dogs. Therefore, stories about the fact that somewhere eating a bear, a wild boar, and an elk, you won’t surprise the Vietnamese, you will have to come up with something abruptly.

  • Vietnamese do not sunbathe

Even in hot weather, Vietnamese wear pants and tops with sleeves: tanned skin is considered a sign of belonging to the lower class of society.

  • Two children in the family

In Vietnamese families, often there are only two children because for the third child you have to pay huge taxes. However, it is relevant only for urban residents.

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