Since the 1th of September 2009 Aisha Primate Safaris was taken over by Access Rwanda Safaris.already for some time ARS was looking for a good partner to improve quality of their service even further.The most suited company in our eyes was Aisha Primate Safaris.Ars will be in the lead after the two companies have joined their forces.For the time being the web site will stay under the name Aisha Primate Safaris. The main reason for this is not to loose the customer base, who used to travel with Aisha.All the services will probably be done by the same people as before, but the management tasks however will be fore filled by the staff of Access Rwanda Safaris.For the people working for Aisha Primate Safaris and Access Rwanda Safaris this merger will make no difference. Nobody will be forced to leave the company.We welcome the people of Aisha Primate Safaris as our collegues and we are convinced that this big step will be the beginning of a powerful combination of forces, that will combine the best qualities of both companies under one roof.We are more then ready now to showour customers the beauty of Rwanda.More info?