A Guide to Eco-Travel Destinations

Make your next holiday an eco travel adventure and really get back to nature! Below are the top 10 countries in the world which are the most environmentally friendly a, so leave your gas-guzzling car at home and embrace your inner green deity!

1. Switzerland is blessed with an abundance of mountains and lakes and is ideal for an alpine adventure.


2. Norway – The Norwegian tourist board slogan is ‘Powered by nature’ which is a great start in itself! Check out the serene fjordland of mighty cliffs, azure blue fjords and cascading waterfalls.


3. Sweden, the second country in the world to implement an eco-tourism charter, offers visitors captivating northern lights, alluring sandy beaches, steep mountains, serene glaciers, alpine meadows as well as plenty of forests and lakes spread over both Sweden and her 24,000 islands and skerries. Why not try a dog-sledding adventure or a husky safari?


4. Finland and Lapland have long been favorite draws with travelers and it’s easy to why with vast areas of truly unspoiled wilderness, unending forest and literally hundreds of pristine lakes. And visitors can take in the midnight sun, try cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and husky safaris!


5. Austria is a tiny but oh-so green country, attracting plenty of eco tourists thanks to her snow-capped mountain peaks, deep valleys, vast forests and quaint alpine villages.


6. Costa Rica has emerged as a popular eco travel destination and the country has been tagged as the world’s most natural conservation area, in fact it is an eco travel paradise. Costa Rica offers travelers plenty of action and adventure amongst the amazing backdrops of rainforest that are millions of years old, mystical volcanoes, wild rivers ideal for rafting and watersports as well as a huge abundance of wildlife.

Costa Rica

7. Latvia is a small Baltic country, pulling in visitors looking for adventure holiday and plenty of activities all set in a wonderfully natural setting, which as yet is largely undiscovered by many travelers. Try Latvia for horse riding, hiking and canoeing.


8. New Zealand's amazing and vast natural landscapes have been showcased to the world, thanks to the Lord Of The Rings films. Visit New Zeeland and get back to nature as you explore beautiful rugged landscapes, pristine beaches and amazing geothermal and volcanic activity. Try some unique extreme adventures in New Zealand and see traditional haka performances!

New Zealand

9. Colombiaoffers a diverse range of green travel options that would appeal to visitors seeking diving in the third largest coral reef, hiking the snow-capped mountains and those seeking a bit or rest and relaxation in the thermal hot springs.

10. France has also emerged as a great eco travel destination with the urge to go glamping becoming all the rage!


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