Alligator Bay, Florida's high-quality homegrown rum

According to co-founder Alex Voss, "there is no wrong or right way to produce rum but there is a standard of good and bad. Our flavor profile carries a fruity element similar to banana. Our flavor development progresses over time as we tinker with the recipe altering the proportion of cane sugar and yeast...something the big producers are unable to achieve due to sacrificing a unique flavor profile for volume." Their Sun Gold rum is lightly aged with a touch of Black Mangrove honey while their Saba Treasure is aged with a tincture of fennel. Alligator Bay's spiced rum, the tastiest rum of this type I've had yet, is infused with Florida orange peels, ginger root, cardamom, allspice, clove, star anise, and peppercorn.

Read more in Tripatini contributor Steve Mirsky's post In Southwest Florida, Alligator Bay's Authentic Local Rums.

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