January 1

Are you connected to the tourism/travel/hospitality industries or travel media in any way? If so, please specify how (kindly include any relevant company names/Web sites!).

Namaste India Trip is a reputed destination management company based in Delhi and promotes overseas South Indian destinations in a creative and responsible manner. Namaste India Trip is established in the year 2010. We represent our commitment to responsible, sustainable eco-tourism as an alternative to the degradation of our beautiful ecosystem. In addition, we fulfill our responsibility by allocating a specific portion of our profits to charity projects, particularly projects in the rehabilitation and education of street children. We are fulfilling our responsibility not only towards nature but also towards the society in which we are living.

On which destinations & travel topics can you advise members especially well?

Kashmir, Gujarat, Sri Lanka, Uttarakhand and Goa

What destinations are you most interested in learning about?

Sri Lanka, Goa and Gujarat

Other travel / language expertise?