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September 1

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  • Grretings from Morocco


    Farid / travelinmorocco@gmail.com

  • Hi, nice to hear back from you... and the speed of the Finland article was purely down to getting a quick payment from them, haha, not to put you to shame! Had a quick trip to the Italian Alps, and last weekend drove down to Paris for a quick couple of days to do a new hotel review (it was terrible!), but otherwise oting exciting. July is always a month mostly away from the travel scene for me, as I run an event radio station for two weeks at the War and Peace Show (the largest military vehicle and re-enacting spectacular in the world!). It's completely different to anyting else I do, and although its hard work it's also a total escape from the real world - and I always return feeling nicely refreshed.
    I have India lined up in a few weeks, and some more European bits... how about you? If ay of your editors ever want something from this side of the Atlantic, but don't want to pay to send someone, please pass on my name. There's not much of Europe that I haven't been to at some point, or can't include in an upcoming trip. Likewise if there is anything I can do for you, please shout (something that I'm sure you're good at, haha!!).
    OK, I'll let you get back to that terrible coffee that you drink... now, where did I put that nice cup of tea?
  • Hi Lorry: Yes, we recently set up a meeting for Dominica tourism folks to meet with AE in the hope of improving their connections out of SJU, so we'll keep our fingers crossed! Hopefully we can get you diving Champagne Reef soon-
  • Hi Lorry.... I'm hoping to get better acquainted; always enjoy your pieces in Caribbean Living. Also wondering when Peta last paid you. I haven't been paid in the past 7-13 months (depending on the assignment), or the last 2.5 issues I worked on. I'm getting very close to suing her, but obviously don't want to as I like her and believe in her vision. Still, I told her I wouldn't work on the most recent issue, not even the free editing/proofing/ghosting that I usually do, for obvious reasons. She understood, and I really thought she'd have paid something by now. It's irritating that she had to have paid the printer and probably Vidar for the most recent issue, yet has been in arrears for so long with me. How's your situation?
  • Good morning, Lorry, and welcome to go-lo! It's wonderful to have a journalist of your background and experience with us -- and we think you'll find our site productive as well as interesting and enjoyable.

    You may want to take a few minutes to join several of our many groups which you might find of particular interest besides "Travel Media Only" and Diving & Snorkeling, such as Adventure Travel, Colombia, Louisiana, and and others devoted to various destinations in Asia, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world. You can also add a box to your profile providing additional info about yourself, including text (such as your web site URL if you have one), photos, and even video.

    Finally, if you would, please be so kind to spread the word among your travel-interested friends, family, and colleagues. We wish you a great rest of the summer, and look forward to hearing more from you!
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