March 31

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  • Hello Beverley

    I do a lot of luxury travel writing. I am based in New Zealand.

    Do you travel a lot these days?



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  • Hi Bev,
    It does not seem possible. No, a year's membership is it, although it is not incredibly expensive, something like $58. That said, you might need to have something verging on a permanent address in the States, although it that was to be Florida and you broke down in Kentucky, for example, you'd still be looked after by someone there on behalf of your Florida club. AAA here is broken up into member clubs; some states have more than one, but no piece of land is covered by more than one. It's still confusing too me.
  • Sweetie darling! I hear you're back in Florida. Any chance of a drop down to SoFla? If not, who knows, if you're still around in January I may even be able to pop up your way.

    Finally getting over that nasty bug I picked up in London (no cracks, please!)...

    Hope all is well...!
  • Hi Bev,
    Silent for a few days while celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays...wine, wine, more wine and winos. As for AAA membership for three months, mmm, I have not heard of that, but I will ask. I have been in this strange country for 16 years now...might come back soon, but then a good, fun job in this present climate is not something to sniff at. I also recently became a dual-national with a U S of A passport into the bargain, which means that I do not have to get my fingerprints and eyeball stamped every time I come back to pay more taxes.
  • Hi Bev,
    Raining in Florida over Thanksgiving week! I thought that was outlawed. No, I did not go to WTM, which sounds revolting, and, yes, I have been travelling—to Svalbard, to Belize and, very recently, to Israel. All were amazing, but the Old City of Jerusalem was incredible.
    Sorry about The Lady. Maybe The Lady is getting more with the times, which means despising anyone who does not live in London, and in a good postcode at that! I will keep you in mind. That said, advertising pages are down, down, down, so there are fewer articles that ever. I did see that the job statistics are down in the US for the first time for yonks. The recession was never a case of if companies failed to make profits; it was all become hideously entrenched because people were losing jobs and not finding new ones.
    Have a good time all the time,
  • Welcome, dahling! Can I entice you to join us also at the Travel Journos' Corner? Also, FYI, our Finnish friend Helena is on here.

    Any suggestions and feedback on the site welcome. And don't forget what I said about the blog! Have an excellent rest of the week...
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