This fecund rainforest - one of the world's oldest, estimated at 130 million years, is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site sprawling over 4,342 square kilometres (1,676 sq. miles) of Kelantan, Pahang (the largest section), and Terengganu states in the Malay Peninsula´s northeast. It's home to a huge variety of living creatures, among them some 10,000 species of plants (including the world's highest diversity of trees), 380 birds, 270 reptiles, 250 fish, and 200 mammals, including monkeys, tapirs, wild boars and oxen, giant squirrels, Sumatran rhinos, Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, and bison like Malayan gaurs. In addition to wildlife watching on guided and self-guided hikes and from canopy walkways (including the world´s longest), visitors can go caving, fishing, camping, visiting an aboriginal village, boat cruising, whitewater rafting, and climbing Gunung Tahan, the peninsula´s highest mountain (2,187 metres/7,175 feet)

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