The onetime eastern half of Czechoslovakia has come into its own, with its welcoming and happening capital Bratislava and a plethora of parklands, folklore, ancient towns, and castles.
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  • I want to say one of them came for Orava - I'll have to check with my mom to be certain.
  • That's cool, Maureen! Any idea what city, town, or village your people come from? I traveled a little bit there while I was living in Prague years ago -- but not nearly enough!
  • I haven't yet been to Slovakia, but my mom and my aunt have. I am thinking of adding it on as a leg of a trip I'm taking in August/September of 2010. I have relatives there, my grandparents both came from Slovakia.
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Slovakia lauded as budget-travel bonanza

Are you dreaming of exploring Europe but worried about the cost? Luckily there are several countries in Eastern Europe that tend to be significantly less expensive to visit than popular favorites like France, Italy, Spain, and Great Britain.  Here are three fascinating one worth considering: read post

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Slovakia is an under-the-radar European gem

In the delicious blend of old and new that are Central Europe and Eastern Europe, many amazing destinations once locked away behind the "Iron Curtain" of the 1940s through 1980s have of course become favourites of international travelers - particularly the likes of Prague and Budapest. But others have definitely remained a bit more under the proverbial radar both in terms of tourism and general world presence, and the Czech Republic's immediate neighbour to the south, Slovakia, is an excellent…

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