Keep spreadin' the news: the Big Apple is in a class of its own -- one of the most exciting cities on the planet, and with enough variety & raw material to keep visitors coming back for decades, from Times Square to the rural side of Staten Island.

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4 family-friendly stars in NYC

    Everyone has a bucket list and a city they would like to visit, and there is certainly a lot in the Big Apple that will capture your imaginations, whether you're traveling on your own, with friends, your significant other, or your kids,.In fact, NYC is particularly rich in attractions that the whole family can enjoy, and here are five of the best, all in the borough of Manhattan (there are plenty of others in the Bronx, Brooklyn,  Queens, and Staten Island, but that's for another post):  …

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Queens, New York one of '7 Swell Spots to Travel the World Without Leaving the USA'

Victor Block At this time of limited travel, if you live in the United States it may be less easy visit other countries on your bucket list. But thanks to the USA's longstanding history of immigration, there's plenty of international culture, cuisine, and customs that can be experienced right here at home. Notable among them are the various Chinatowns in New York City, San Francisco, and elsewhere, And here are five other destinations whose ethnic enclaves will transport you to foreign shores.…

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National Museum of the American Indian cited in 'Getting to Know the USA's Tribal Peoples'

As most of us know, today is Columbus Day in the United States and other countries, and Indigenous People's Day in much of Latin America, marking the 528th anniversary of the Christopher Columbus expedition's first landing in the Americas (actually 12 October), on the coast of Hispaniola, the Caribbean island home to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Of course, many of the Amerindian tribes that were already living here when the Spaniards arrived are still part of the societies that evolved…

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The top 6 Revolutionary War sites of NYC

Back before, during, and after the American Revolution (1776-1983) and the years leading up to it, New York City was as now the largest and one of the most important cities of the nascent United States of America – and in fact even served as the independent country’s very first capital, from 1789 to 1790. So it goes without saying that the Big Apple is home to a number of military and political landmarks that were absolutely key to the beginning of the USA’s national history. So on the 244th…

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  • NYC is possibly the all-time most popular backdrop for movies of all kinds, and several local tour operators have taken advantage of this. Here's one with a tour of locations for romantic comedies:
    NYC Rom-Com Tour Visits Filming Locations of Classic Manhattan Love Stories | Frommer's
    A new tour in New York City visits the filming locations of classic love stories shot in the city. | Frommer's
  • My Congratulations too, to Eric.

  • Congratulations to tour guide and historian Erik Washington upon winning the Leon Levy Center for Biography (CUNY Grad) writing fellowship.

  • A fun shot I took recently in Times Square - I'm calling it "burqas and boobs":


  • Hey, travel media members: Free office space this month in Chelsea:


    New York skyline at sunset - New York City

    7 more pics of New York City... This is NYC in spring: the colours of the Great Apple are shining under the sun!
    From the noise and the traffic of the 5th Avenue to the quiet of Central Park. John Lennon's Imagine wishing for a better future. Lights and reflections of a wonderful city, where dimensions and proportions offer always a new prospective to see the life. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE NEW PHOTOS

    (click here to see the first seven photos published)

    7 más fotos de la ciudad de Nueva York ... Esto es Nueva York en la primavera: los colores de la Gran Manzana son brillantes bajo el sol!

    Desde el ruido y el tráfico de la 5 ª Avenida con la tranquilidad de Central Park. John Lennon Imagine que el deseo de un futuro mejor. Las luces y los reflejos de una ciudad maravillosa, donde las dimensiones y proporciones ofrecen siempre una nueva perspectiva de ver la vida. Haga clic aquí para ver las  nuevas 7 fotos 

    SAM_3408.JPG(Haga clic aquí para ver las otras 7 fotos de NYC ya publicados en e...

  • NYC parks have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy -- trees down, historic carousels damaged, etc.  Anybody who's ever visited Central Park, High Line, Prospect Park knows how precious and valuable these urban green spaces are.  Help the recovery by donating directly to the public-private partnerships that support our NYC parks.  List and links here --

  • Festival Flamenco Gitano starts Oct. 5th:

  • Now on our blog: the Orthodoz Jewish food & feel of Boro Park, Brooklyn.

  • Patagonia has been in that area from eons.  Much has to do with large inexpensive rental space per sqft than in mid town or UES etc. In terms of foot falls. Demographics rather than High Income is more important, because Income levels in UWS and UES are way above the area surrounding Prince, Wooster, W Broadway. 

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