The largest of the French West Indies, and also an integral part of France, this group with five major islands within a short ferry ride of one another packs in plenty of variety, beaches, history, culture, & of course scrumptious cuisine.

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12 cool things to do in 'Gwada'

A popular fashion/travel vlogger named Joycy, of Cape Verde extraction and based in the Netherlands, shows us a dozen neat things to do on this paradisiacal French Caribbean island, from paragliding, volcanoes, and (of course!) dreamy beaches to street art and everything you might want to know about cacao.

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'Rhum' (not rum), the spirit of Guadeloupe

In the Caribbean, between Puerto Rico and St Lucia, is the archipelago of Guadeloupe (pronounce gwa-de-loop). The French West Indies or French Caribbean are currently two territories (St Barthelemy and St Martin) and two overseas states -“départements” in French- (Guadeloupe and Martinique). The French West Indies have always looked towards the old continent rather towards their Caribbean neighbors. Flying from the USA, a long journey and a couple of connected flights will bring you to this gem…

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