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4 of the best fishing spots near Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Fishing can be a great way to spend your time with friends or family; in fact, more than 40 million people go fishing every year. It’s safe to say that it’s a pleasant activity. If you’re visiting the Smoky Mountain region, then you might be interested to find that among its other myriad attractions, Gatlinburg is a very popular area when it comes to fishing – and is considered to be among the last surviving wild trout habitats in the eastern part of the United States. Here's a quartet of the…

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Turks & Caicos bonefishing among Linda Cooper's 'Caribbean Dreaming' Travel Snapshots

“Bermuda, Bahama, come on, pretty mama...” The Caribbean has long been famed as an idyllic vacation hotspot, inspiring not only the Beach Boys but the entire world. It’s a region that never gets old, with more than 30 countries and territories spread across hundreds of islands, each with different cultures, jungles, cities/towns, and sugary sand beaches that vary from powdery white to shades of gray. I felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude with so much natural beauty constantly surrounding…

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Quepos, Costa Rica a fishing mecca

Calm seas and abundant marine life in the spectacular Pacific Ocean at Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica create an ideal environment for fun activities. For instance, now through the end of December is humpback whale-watching season in Costa Rica; and you can nearly always see large pods of dolphins while out sailing, boating or kayaking. Quepos also is a top place for world-class sportfishing in Costa Rica. The World Offshore Fishing Championship 2014 in April brought in hundreds of…

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  • The Future Markets Insights Blog focuses on business activity around the world, and today it posted about fishing tourism, which has been gaining popularity in recent years - including among people trying to create awareness regarding the pollution and destruction of marine life, where they try to promote sustainable fishing and angling activities:
  • Anybody been fishing in Hawaii? If you have, or might be interested in doing it, check out this piece in The Daily Beast about the islands with what its author calls "the world's best fishermen" - "The Most Humbling place in the World to Fish":
    The Most Humbling Place in the World to Fish
    To be consistently successful here sets an angler apart.
  • Anybody been fishing in Hawaii? If you have, or might be interested in doing it, check out this recent piece in The Daily Beast about the islands with what its author calls "the world's best fishermen" - "The Most Humbling place in the World to Fish":
    The Most Humbling Place in the World to Fish
    To be consistently successful here sets an angler apart.
  • Can anyone help a fellow Tripatini member with a question about fishing in Miami, Florida?  If so, please click here for our "Ask A Travel Pro" forum.


    Thanks much!!

  • Despite below-average winter snowpacks, fly fishing the streams of Idaho has been outstanding with our heavier-than-usual spring rains. Here's a recent example of my success. To read about Idaho's outstanding fly fishing waters, see

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  • Hello, Fellow Travelers!
    For those who like to do something productive during their vacation, while still enjoying all the perks inherent to the locale, may I suggest a Work/Play Vaca on Kodiak Island?! Alderwood Retreat is hosting our fourth annual volunteer week(s) from June 18th - July 2nd. Come lend a hand with building maintenance, trail grooming/repairs, garden prep, etc., then enjoy plenty of time off for hiking/kayaking/beachcombing/& fishing!!

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    E-mail Ginger at if you're interested in joining this year's crew. Take home delicious fresh Alaskan seafood that you caught in our front yard, perhaps one of Kodiak's famous "barn door" halibut, or the incomparable "Chinook" King Salmon.

    Check out to get just a hint of how amazing the "Outback of Alaska" can be!
  • Hello, fellow fishin' fools!
    If you want to experience some fantastic saltwater sportfishing for salmon, halibut & cod, come visit us at Alderwood Retreat on Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska. Our eco-lodge is off-grid, beyond the reach of technology & city-related stress...wake up to the sound of Bald Eagles chirping from the trees outside your cabin window. Take your morning coffee out on the deck & watch sea otters play in the ocean below. Out on the boat for the day, you'll be fully outfitted & guided as you catch King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Grey Cod, & more! Our record halibut for the summer of 2008 was 196# & it was caught just 100 yards off our private beach!!

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    Our Fishing Fool package includes four days of saltwater fishing & a one-day river rafting fishing trip, where the odds are good you'll float right past Kodiak bear!! Prices are drastically reduced from last year, so book now!!

    We specialize in small groups, so the atmosphere is homey/friendly. We're self-sustaining, with hydropower providing 100% of our electricity, an organic garden, a strong recycling program, and we provide opportunities for guests to contribute to local conservation efforts.

    Take a look at our website at , or e-mail us at There are a few blocks left during prime fishing time, but they won't be available for long...Don't miss out on having your dream Alaskan fishing trip come true!!
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    Fishing Flies

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  • This is a fat 51" northern pike caught on a fly at Minor Bay Lodge on Wollaston Lake, northern Saskatchewan, Canada. For info on the lodge, video footage, photos, brochure downloads, etc. you can check out the web site at
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