There's something going on somehwhere on the planet every single day! And here are some of tjhe world's most fascinating festivals, celebrations, festivals, competitions, and other events. 

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Christmas in Colmar, in France's Alsace-Lorraine

Europe’s towns and cities famously light up and don holiday finery for Yuletide, but during the Christmas season in Colmar, in northeast France’s Alsace region – already famous for its charming historic quarter, with its cobblestone streets, canals, and half-timbered houses – the displays reach another level entirely, going far beyond lightbulbs adorning the main streets to the façades of the small houses in its old town illuminated in all the colours of the rainbow. The results, as any perusal…

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Prost! Munich's Oktoberfest Is Back!

  Holzijue/Pixabay From September 17 to October 3, the legendary celebration of German beer, cuisine, and culture in Bavaria's capital is returning after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unsprprisingly, it's necessary to make your arrangements months in advance, so if you've always wanted to experience Wies'n (as it's known in Bavarian), take note here for 2023! read post  

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  • Holi, India's festival of colors which starts tomorrow, is the country's most popular celebration after Diwali, and to mark the occasion National Geographic gives us a look at what it is and what it means:
    Holi, India’s Most Colorful Festival—Get the Facts
    Here’s the meaning behind the Hindu celebration.
  • Rio de Janeiro's storied Carnaval is back in full swing for the first time since the COVID pandemic!
    Brazil's glitzy Carnival is back in full form after pandemic
    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil’s Carnival is back. Glittery and outrageous costumes were prepared again. Samba songs were ringing out 'til dawn at Rio…
  • Hey, it's that time of year again, y'all, and Men's Journal just came out with a guide to Mardi Gras in Nawlins - grab your beads!
    A Local’s Guide to Mardi Gras
    Heading to Mardi Gras? We spoke to a local who gave us the best advice on joining the celebration and exploring New Orleans.
  • Carnival season is around the corner, and veteran Caribbean writer Bob Curley lists eight of the islands' top celebrations:
    The Caribbean's top carnivals you can't miss
    People flock to the Caribbean to swim among colorful marine life in crystal-blue water; yet, the most vibrant colors can be found on land during carn…
  • The Washington Post just came out with a nicely illustrated look at Europe's fanciest Christmas markets:
    See the world’s most elaborate Christmas markets
    Photos show dazzling Christmas markets from around the globe.
  • Just today, the UK Guardian reported on the West Bank receives hundreds of thousands of Christmas visitors for the first time after two years of pandemic restrictions:
    No room in Bethlehem’s inns as tourists return for Christmas season | Palestinian territories | The…
    West Bank city gears up for festive season after two years of pandemic restrictions
  • The energy crunch crisis in Europe brought on by the war in Ukraine is taking a toll on the continent's famous Christmas markets this year:
    No ice rinks, fewer lights: Christmas markets across Europe scaled back as energy costs soar
    Cities are trying hard to keep the festive spirit amid aa cost of living crisis and war in Ukraine
  • The BBC reports on today's opening of the Edinburgh Festival - the world's largest dedicated to the arts:
    Edinburgh Festival: Biggest arts festival in the world begins
    Thousands of performers from across the world descend on Edinburgh to put on more than 3,000 shows.
  • It's Semana Santa (Holy Week, aka Easter Week) in Christian countries across the world, and here in El Salvador there's a particularly colorful celebration in which locals in the town of Texistepeque (around 90 minutes' drive from San Salvador) dress up as devils and playfully whip bystanders. Read about it here:
    El Salvador: Whip-wielding demons kick off Easter week
    Men dress up as demons and playfully whip locals "to cleanse them of their sins" in Texistepeque.
  • A freelancer for USA Today says these 9 Caribbean resorts are romantic places to celebrate Valentine's Day. I find her list skews too much toward bigger resorts and largely ignores charming smaller inns, but I can attest to one, Palm Island in the Grenadines - and it still makes for an interesting read:
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