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10 places which show how Zambia Is eco-amazing

 Diego Delso When it comes to safaris and ecotourism, Zambia often takes a back seat to the likes of Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania. But this large country in south-central Africa is positively packed with eco treasures, and its marquis attraction is one of the planet´s most spectacular waterfalls, Victoria Falls, which it shares with Zimbabwe. In addition, there are some 20 teeming nature reserves which offer as rewarding an eco-experience as any of Zambia´s neighbors – arguably even more so,…

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7 ecotourism stars of Honduras

  HermésLeonelVega Though Costa Rica is Central America´s (and perhaps all of Latin America´s) premier star when it comes to ecotourism, there´s also an undersung but incredibly rich trove of eco treasures to be explored next door in Honduras, with lush rainforests and stunning coastlines, among other things. On the marine side – exploring the richness of the world´s second largest coral reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef – the islands of Roatán and Utila are better known. But here are a…

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Ecotourism in '10 of the Coolest Experiences You Can Have in Vietnam´

This scintillating southeast Asian country is renowned for its many historic temples, colonial architecture, geological wonders, fine beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine, but Vietnam also offers plenty of cool experiences - some of which are unusual, and several of which you can´t even have elsewhere. Despite years of colonialism, then war, then modernisation, there remain parts of Vietnam which remains relatively authentic, where locals make great efforts to preserve many traditions and…

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The Jewel in Puerto Rico's Eco Crown: El Yunque Rainforest

 Javier_Art_Photography The "Isle of Enchantment" offers an amazingly diverse menu of options to visitors, in capital San Juan and well beyond - history and culture, for sure, but also tasty eating, drinking, and beaching, along with memorable partying and much much more. But one side of Puerto Rico you should definitely not miss is its wealth of eco opportunities, from glowing "bioluminescent" bays to spectacular waterfalls, and most especially a large swath about an hour's drive from San…

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  • spctacular wild dolphins
  • folheto_p_roseus-300x200.jpg?width=120The Sado estuary has been declared a reserva natural(23,971ha), Ramsar Site and a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA), largely on account of the 300-plus species of vertebrate recorded here. It is a special place for birdwatching, including white storks, herons and flamingos. The fish species include white bream, grey mullet, skate, sole and the Lusitanian toadfish. url : Sado Estuary Natura Reserve
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