Despotically ruled by one of the world's wealthiest individuals, this small, singular sultanate surrounded by Malaysia (most Bruneians are ethnic Malay) is an eco-powerhouse and an up-and-coming destination in its own right.

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How should travelers/travel industry respond to Brunei's barbarism against gays?

Many voices in the civilized world have been speaking out in horrified outrage at Brunei's new edict  decreeing death by stoning for gay sex, and numerous individuals and institutions joining a boycott. Should travelers and the travel industry/media join as well by not traveling to, working with, or covering Brunei, nor other entities associated with it such as the nine luxury hotels in the West owned by its sultan, such as London's Dorchester, the Plaza Athénée in Paris, and the Beverly Hills…

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Highlights of a Singular Sultanate: Brunei, the 'Abode of Peace'

Tucked into the northern coast of the world's third largest island, Borneo, and surrounded by the country of Malaysia, the diminutive absolute monarchy of Brunei, ruled by one of the world's richest men, is a fascinating mix of grandiose architecture, traditional water villages, a cuisine blending Asian influences, and wild jungle backcountry offering a raft of eco-adventures from mild to wild... keep reading

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  • Is Brunei truly "boring"? This Malaysian blogger seems to think so - and although this was published several years ago, I doubt much has changed since then:
    A Very Honest Overview Of Travelling 'Boring' Brunei
    Is Brunei worth a holiday? Travelling in Brunei is fun, but it may not be for everyone. I lay out the truth about my 4 day holiday in Brunei.
  • I enjoy travel vlogger Drew Binsky's work because it is so wide-ranging, well done, and also doesn't pull punches, both positively and negatively. A good case in point is his evaluation of Brunei, which in addition to some positives (like warm, friendly locals) - has lots more negatives, including hostility toward non-Muslims; a murderous attitude toward gays; a lack of things to do beyond several flashy landmarks; and poverty which is especially apalling taking into account that the sultan is one of the world's wealthiest individuals, and donating just half his estimated $20 billion worth could provide each Bruneian with more than $23K. Check out his trenchant observations here:
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  • This week's Tripatini spotlight focuses on Brunei's singular Empire Hotel & Country Club -- and after this week, you can find it in our Spotlights archive.
  • Hi, visit my page for some nice pictures of Brunei, and an article about the destination...
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