South America's largest (and many would say sexiest) country has a lifetime's worth of experiences waiting, from the sands of Copacabana to the Amazon jungles, and beyond.

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Cruising Brazil's Amazon: not your typical tourist destination

  Amazon Nature Tours   I am a hiker. But at home no one uses a machete to blaze the trail prior to walking on it as did our guide Souza, creating a path in the overgrown rainforest step by step. Slicing, swatting, swooping, chopping, no branch, bush, vine or twig was safe. The hike was one of four daily activities during our eight-day adventure exploring Brazil's Amazonia. Calling the Tucano, an 18-passenger river yacht operated by Amazon Nature Tours home, we traveled over 200 miles along the…

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Santa Teresa, Rio's hip old neighborhood

What’s my favorite part of Rio de Janeiro? Not at all easy to say, because there are so many cool parts of this city, appealing in their different ways. But (literally) high on the list, way above the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, on Santa Teresa hill close to the downtown, Centro, is an utterly charming neighborhood rather unlike any other in town, with winding cobblestone streets, a vintage tram, centuries-old architecture, and a small-town feel – think Rio’s answer to Montmartre.…

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At mighty Iguaçu Falls, Brazil & Argentina share the glory

What’s it like to be in the presence of the world’s largest waterfalls system? Well, in three words: wet, wild, and wonderful. These wonders of nature formed as the Iguazú River hurtles off the Paraná Plateau in the form of hundreds of waterfalls, at a rate of 1,500 square metres (gallons) per second, mark the local border between Argentina’s Misiones state and Brazil’s Paraná state (with Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este right nearby, as well). And let me tell you, these pictures don’t even do them…

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  • I have such a passion for Brazil. Rio was my first international trip when I was a youngster. Brazil will always be in my heart.
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