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September 5

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  • Jon, I see your book comes up on tripatini's home page. Nice! Now all you have to do is place the right wagers on the Oscars and, with the proceeds, buy up the whole publishing industry.
  • Good morning, Jon, and welcome to Tripatini! It's great to have you with us -- and we think you'll find our site productive as well as interesting and enjoyable.

    To get the most out of Tripatini, we recommend you take a moment to join several of our many groups which you may find of particular use, such as Media Only; New York and the other 49 states; The Caribbean and its various island groups; various other country groups in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas; Eating/Drinking the World; the Book Club; and plenty of others covering many other topics and most destinations across the globe.

    FYI, on your profile you'll see a green bar marked "Text Box," which you can turn into a box containing not just text but also photos and even videos about yourself, your travels, your writing/outlets and other activities, and more.

    Finally, if you would, please be so kind as to spread the word among your travel-interested friends, family, colleagues, associates, and audience. It's fast and easy to use our "INVITE" function above left on the navigation bar to enter e-mails (even your whole list at once!). Finally, please join our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter (see front page info box); we'll be happy to reciprocate!

    Thanks much for joining us; we wish you an outstanding rest of 2010, and it goes without saying that we look forward to seeing you online.

  • Hi there John! I'm trying to remember where it was we traveled together within the last 4 years or so, but it'll come to me. Good to see you, at any rate, and hope 2010 has been treating you well!
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