One of the Caribbean's more buttoned down islands is a class act with fantastic beaches, an interior dotted with manses and gardens, and the old quarter of capital Bridgetown is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its British colonial architecture and military garrison.

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A Bajan property that's one of '4 of the Caribbean's Top Luxury Rental Villas'

In the market for a nice place to call your own on a warm-weather vacation getaway this winter, for example in the Caribbean? Instead of the usual resort, give a thought to renting your very own luxury Caribbean villa, which can be as or more affordable while providing unparalleled privacy and comfort. Here are examples on five islands, marketed through Caribbean Escape, that you'll surely fall in love with! read post

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Barbados rated as worst in Caribbean on the LGBTQ+ Danger Index

Just came across a Guardian piece published a few weeks ago with some interesting findings from something called the LGBTQ+ Danger Index, which ranks the world's 150 most-visited countries using eight factors, including legalized same-sex marriage, worker protection and whether, based on Gallup poll findings, it is a good place to live. Sweden comes in first, followed by Canada, Norway, Portugal and Belgium. My adopted country Spain comes in at number 10, but my native country the USA is just…

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Shout-out for Barbados in 'Best Caribbean Shopping Off the Beaten Path'

Why in the world should you settle for all those cheesy malls and resort gift shops, the cruise-terminal complexes and hyper- commercialized downtowns clogged with cookie-cutter perfume, watch, and T-shirt shops? If you know where to look, it’s still possible to find unique local products, atmosphere, or both. There are of course various straw markets and crafts centers on various islands, of course, but here are just a few of the other favorites I’ve come across in my years covering the…

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the Best of Barbados

Like virtually every country in the Caribbean, Barbados has more than its fair share of beautiful beaches. But for those who want to see more of this former British colony—the most developed island in the region and the third most developed country in the Western Hemisphere—Barbados offers a broad range of intriguing attractions. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff or simply someone who loves a good party, you'll find Barbados offers numerous options well worth exploring. read…

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  • An interesting look from The Independent at a lesser discussed aspect of Barbados - its bars and nightlife:
    The Barbados party edit – the best bars, clubs and festivals on the island
    From rustic, candlelit beach shacks to glittering late night clubs and super-fun festivals, here’s our rundown of the must-visit nightlife spots on t…
  • Sante, you might say China already has discovered it. China built a big new stadium and has given military assistance; now there's more in the works. And yes, you'll soon see more Chinese tourists there, just as you do now in the Dominican Republic. The challenge: finding Chinese-speaking hotel employees. 

  • They don't call Barbados The Jewell Of The Caribbean for nothing.

    Just wait till China discovers it!

  • Barbados gets a Tripatini blog shout-out in the recent Best Caribbean Shopping Off the Beaten Path, Part 1!

  • It's not just safety and security Ed. They also want to improve infrastructure, like water storage and maybe that means roads too. But I was down there a few months ago, on the east coast and not the west coast, where everybody else goes, because I wanted to do some surfing. I had no problem with the roads or water quality. Have you?
  • The Barbados hotel-tourism association is campaigning to ramp up safety and security in the tourism sector. Truth is, I've never viewed Barbados as a country where I needed to worry much about that sort of thing. Comments?
  • Please visit, a web journal about culture and heritage tourism in places of the African Diaspora worldwide. Let me know what you think and sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop.

    great photos of Barbados and the entire Caribbean.
  • Barbados gets a shout-out in this weeks Tripatini blog survey of 2010 hotspots; check it out!
  • Just thought I'd pass this along, from the PR company repping Barbados:

    "For a last-minute fall escape, the Sea-U Guest House offers rates starting at $109 per night through 10/31 ("
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