One of the world's smallest countries, up in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, is a charming anomaly, with its ancient churches & mountain vales -- oh, & a congested capital crammed with shops & nightspots catering to both sides of the border.

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Andorra among top budget winter resorts in Europe

Skiing in Italy‘s fabulous Sella Ronda in the Dolomites recently, I was stunned by the low prices I found for food and drink. In cute little mountain restaurants I paid 1.10€ for coffee, 2€ for soft drinks, and 4€ for a pint (half a litre) of beer… and that’s just the drinks. I was bowled over by a 6.50€ bowl of soup and pasta for 8.50€. Quite a change from France’s Val d’Isère, where coffee ran anywhere from 2.90€ to 4€, soup (soup!) set me back 13€, and let’s not even talk about the 26€…

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Shout-out for Andorra in 'Intriguing Enclaves, Colonies, and Mini-States of Europe

I've always had a thing about the quirky little corners of this continent that’s famously a patchwork of ethnicities and accidents of history, and there are a few bits and pieces scattered across Europe that are quirkier than others. They range from some some you’ll recognize and know something about to some you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve visited many, while several are still on my bucket list. What intrigues me so much about them? Maybe it’s simply the allure of the under-the-radar and…

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Soldeu gets a shoutout in 5 top budget ski resorts

If budget is a concern, and let’s be honest, when you’re traveling with friends rather than family, then consider one of the less expensive destinations for your ski holiday this year. Well, you probably won’t bump into the Beckhams, but the snow is the same color and the skiing is just as good as in the A-level resorts! Here is our selection of 5 winter sports destination that won’t break the bank... read complete post

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  • This is actually a useful little article about how pricy Andorra is - and it turns out, not so much!
  • MSN Travel recently did a pretty darn good summing up of Andorra travel:
    Ultimate Guide to the Small Country Between France and Spain (2023)
    Wondering about the small country between France and Spain? Or maybe you didn't even know there was one. Either way, here's a wealth of information a…
  • Just noticed this group on the homepage of Tripatini. Went skiing in Andorra once and had a good time, awesome views of the Pyrenees and bought some ski goggles and a new parka and gloves at bargain prices. Anyone else here bought stuff or skied there? 

  • Great, Carles! If you end up staying at the Serrat, post some pictures and what you think of the place...!
  • great! I'll call!
  • Hotel El Serrat in Ordino is offering rates starting at EUR 25,00 per person from October to November 2009!


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