Andorra among top budget winter resorts in Europe

Skiing in Italy‘s fabulous Sella Ronda in the Dolomites recently, I was stunned by the low prices I found for food and drink. In cute little mountain restaurants I paid 1.10€ for coffee, 2€ for soft drinks, and 4€ for a pint (half a litre) of beer… and that’s just the drinks. I was bowled over by a 6.50€ bowl of soup and pasta for 8.50€. Quite a change from France’s Val d’Isère, where coffee ran anywhere from 2.90€ to 4€, soup (soup!) set me back 13€, and let’s not even talk about the 26€ pasta. Germany and Switzerland, similarly, are emphatically not “budget skiing” territory. And so I happily added Italy to my list of European skiing destinations that won’t break your bank. When planning your next skiing trip, however, there are several others worth considering, so for those heading for the slopes this winter, here’s... keep reading

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