One of Europe's coolest/great cities, famed for its canals, museums, coffeehouses, and liberal social/sexual scene, Amsterdam is fun & eye-opening in every way!

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Getting Around Amsterdam

In case you want to experience a unique adventure without the necessity of booking a lengthy vacation or holiday, then Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is your best destination. Weekend trips to Amsterdam are gaining popularity in the Western European countries and also among many travelers across the globe. Living in today's fast-paced society, individuals are no longer able to enjoy long vacations that last several weeks. However, we still want to slow things down and enjoy some time…

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Food PR In Germany and Amsterdam

Hi, all. I have several assignments lined up, most of them culinary travel related and I need your help.  I am trying to locate publicists who rep restaurants in said cities.  Will be in Germany from March 16-27, and in Amsterdam from March 21-23, and I am looking for restaurants open to the idea of hosting journalists, not just for comped meals, but chefs interested in sharing their ideas about what makes a food scene innovative and recipes, favorite local markets, fast food finds the locals…

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  • Sam: The bridge is quite innovative use of fabric and tension cables. 

  • Brigitta:

    I used the Floriade bus. Since I had EURO in cash, it was easy to make a reservation from AMS to Venlo and back. 

  • Hi Anil, Glad your trip to Floriade 2012 worked out. Very nice pictures!


  • Fine photos, Anil. I even like the bridge!

  • The trip to Floriade 2012 in Venlo was excellent. Here are some of the photos of the Floriade

  • Thanks for the information. Very helpful.

  • Or you can take a train:

    By Train -

    Visitors coming by train will alight at Venlo Railway Station and take a shuttle bus to the Floriade grounds.  For train schedule and fares check

  • Floriade Express Bus

    During the Floriade World Horticulural Expo there will be a daily shuttle service between the Floriade and airport Schiphol, Airport Eindhoven, Airport Brussel, Airport Weeze and the cities Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Cuijk, Venray. Bowmeer, Roermond and Leuven to the Floriade. This service will be executed by BBA Tours, one of the transport partners of the Floriade.

    Both business and leisure guest can use this shuttle service. Comfortable touring cars will take you fast and direct to the Floriade entrance, without transferring vehicles. The bus stop is right in front of the entrance.

    Floriade Express Bus tickets can be booked with or without a Floriade ticket. Tickets can be booked on Here you can also find the timetable and precise boarding areas.

    Tickets can be booked through this website. You will receive a confirmation and tickets by email. By your combiticket through our website, get the best price and avoid the q’s at the Floriade!

    Amsterdam Schiphol

    Bus stop pick-up point for touringcars in front of the terminal.

    Amsterdam Central Station

    Please wait in front of Holland International canal cruises (Prins Hendrikkade) and go to the bus as soon as you see it.

  • Which mode of public transportation would be most convenient for a non-backpack carrying person to go to Floriade 2012 from either Schiphol Airport, or Amsterdam ?

  • Hi David, sounds like an interesting card! Actually never heard about it until you raised your question. I in general use my regular credit cards, or just pin cash (Euros), using a trustworthy ATM, such as ABN-AMRO or ING bank ATMs. Note: credit cards are not as widely accepted in Holland (except for maybe Amsterdam) as e.g. in the US. Dutch stores use something called a "pin pas," which is not accessible to foreigners. Always check before you buy or order something what methods of payment are accepted. My other question is: IF you lose your currency card, is the money you loaded onto it lost? Or does the company have an insurance policy (such as credit card companies have) when your card gets stolen or you lose it?

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