MarsVenus Tours is a tour operator of its own humbly hospitality in Jambiani Village. Each of our Zanzibar Safari, is once holiday travel experience. It touches something deep within you and can be an affordable getaway that will never in a life time be forgotten. Our staffs have immense experience to make the dreams of your clients come true as you discover the delightful stories of romance, the thrills of real adventure and the sense of unspoiled beauty that exists in my mystical Island of Zanzibar . Make Zanzibar as your Second home for beach holiday leisure.All our quality excursions in Zanzibar are both intriguing and exciting created by a fascinating balance between the Zanzibar white sand beaches and the friendly Swahili people . Honestly , our tours has the aim of getting more from your holiday . We want to bring you close to the real Zanzibarian life, to the traditions and habits, to create intercultural understanding and respect . We want to show you Zanzibar unique nature ,explore with you mystical islands, swim with dolphins, dive on the coral reefs taste the various exotic spices, so you will probably really learn to know Zanzibar’s lasting mystique.MarsVenus offers a variety of specifically designed environmental and cultural friendly day excursions. Day and half- day excursion introduce you the rich and diverse culture of the everyday life of Swahili people and the tourist highlights of Zanzibar .Mars Venus wish you to enjoy with dolphins in south part of Zanzibar, learn about the culture of Jambiani Village, or Visit the endemic and kirks red colobus in the Jozani forest .While you are on Zanzibar’s lasting mystique, we recommend a special stay at the Menai Bay Beach Bangalows, a new beach hotel on the lush green west coast of Zanzibar , located in the protected Menai Bay, the Surrounding environment is highly interesting for nature lovers, cultural and history interested travelers who want to escape crowded tourist places. From here you can explore Small islands with pristine beaches, watch the unique nature of mangrove forests, and learn about the “Zanzibar history”.“…….. endless summer, sea and sand , dreaming under palm trees, aromas of exotic spices, floating in completely unknown world. Is what you image when you hear Zanzibar’s lasting mystique?Are you searching for something new, undiscovered and untouched? Then there is no need to look any further. MarsVenus Tours and Travel is Zanzibar Tours which provide ultimate excursions all over the Island, directly adjacent on the white sandy beach of Jambiani. Picturesquely Surrounded by coconut palms.”