It is a dream of every wildlife enthusiast to visit the Gir National Park, to explore its rich wildlife and enjoy the fantastic natural world. The forest attracts tourists throughout the year, but winter is the best time to spot the animals. Especially the lions, so elusive they are otherwise. Reading the staple diet of sanctuary magazine, it is always fun to read an account of fellow wildlife bloggers’ adventurous stories.


Many Photographers reach this destination and capture photos of the elusive wildlife on a jeep safari. Before that, go for a Gir Safari Booking in advance to explore the jungle.

Once upon a time, the park was the hunting ground of many Britishers accompanied by many Rajas and Maharajas. They found their recreation while hunting these great lions in these regions, but today, the park is the most protected area due to its support species.

Before visiting the park, you have to opt for Gir Online Booking.


Gir range is the low mountain range with a rugged, steep slope in the western part of Gujarat state, west-central India on the southern Kathiawar Peninsula. Towards seaward to the south has a gradual slope inland to the north. From it toward the north runs a low and narrow dismembered range ascending to Gorakhnath in the wide mass of the Girnar Hills.

The maiden trip to the Sasan Gir always left us in awe of the beautiful habitat, excellent management of the park authorities, and seeing the supreme lions roaming freely in their natural habitat. Safaris in the jungle can give you the optimum satisfaction in exploring the rich flora fauna of the Gir Forest. Gir is the royal kingdom of the Asiatic lions, which is also considered the last abode of the lions and even for many species suffering from extinction.


The Gir range is mostly covered with sal and dhak trees, and rivers named Bhadar, Rohza, Shatarant, and Gheo rivers flow west to east from the Girnar Hills. People inhabited here are Dubla and Bhil. Girnar Hill is considered sacred due to the ancient Jain Temple located at the top of one of the hills, a prominent pilgrimage place.

Gir National Park booking in advance will fulfill your lust to crave the core of the jungle.

The sparsely populated region depends on agriculture; crops like- grains, groundnuts, and cotton to survive in this region—large scale industries like textile, Iron, and steel furniture. The cottage industry includes carpentry, lacquer ware, embroidery, wool weaving, and wood carving. TheGir National Park, famous for its Asiatic Lions, is located in Khambalia, Dhari, Visavadar, Mendarda, and Adityana, the Gir forest towns.

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