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In an erotic evening, you are tucked between the dry and deciduous forest, can hear the gentle purr sound coming from the vehicle you are riding on. Some roaring sound, hitting mildly to your ears, the quick swish of a crocodile tail on the marshy water, flowing like a silver chain. Not a soul stirs in this expansive forest, but you’re acutely aware you’re not alone. You can sense the mystery of the forest; yes, welcome to the home of the Asiatic Lion, the world where you can see them roaming fr

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It is a dream of every wildlife enthusiast to visit the Gir National Park, to explore its rich wildlife and enjoy the fantastic natural world. The forest attracts tourists throughout the year, but winter is the best time to spot the animals. Especially the lions, so elusive they are otherwise. Reading the staple diet of sanctuary magazine, it is always fun to read an account of fellow wildlife bloggers’ adventurous stories.


Many Photographers reach this destination and capture photos of the elus
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Gir National Park in India's Gujarat state attracts hundreds of visitors to see the Asiatic lion amidst their natural wilderness. Gir forest and the Gir National Park at present is the only place in the world where these wild beasts are found.

 are the key stuff of any African or Asian safari, and one roaming freely in its natural habitat is an exciting and rare sight indeed. I myself - Debmalya from Kolkata - never imagined meeting one up close, but the opportunity came suddenly when my f

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