Working together towards our common goals

In a world such as ours it is essential to work together in order to achieve goals If attempted alone it is not possible. Since West Africa Discovery started we have made a big effort to develop partnerships to help develop Responsible Tourism in West African region. We are extremely grateful to our current partners in the field who have made a lot of effort already to spread the word of Sustainable Tourism in their respectful countries, and to have gathered important information which has helped us grow in the past five months.

This week was a mile stone! After filling out various application forms and having waited for board meetings to decide our fate, we have finally been accepted as a member of the International Coalition for Responsible Tourism, a Paris based ‘umbrella’ which has gathered together experts & professionals of the tourism industry, more than 80 NGO’s & associations in 35 countries, and a committee composed of experts each specialised in one of the three axes of sustainable development (economic & fair-trade, social & culture, ecology & biodiversity).

The main aim of the International Coalition is to inform, to raise awareness, to convince and to mobilise the main actors in the tourism field (professionals, governments, national & international NGO's) to the interest of the concept of Responsible Tourism.

As a member, we have been given a mission…

*To promote West African Responsible Tourism to the European market
*To promote World Day for Responsible *Tourism in June by organising a local event during that particular day
*To inform, raise awareness and make tourism development authorities (Ministries, local or regional authorities, professionals, etc.) inWest Africa understand the importance of getting engaged in a more responsible tourism through lobbying and defense speeches and actions
*To raise travelers’ awareness about Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development

This is exactly what we have set out to do when we started West Africa Discovery. Convenient hey?

So, we are looking forward to the 2nd June 2010, as we will be organising an event to raise awareness and promote the Responsible Tourism concept around West Africa. Watch this space!

In the mean time, to learn more about Responsible Tourism, West Africa and what we do at West Africa Discovery, visit our website here.

We also list a selection of unique and unforgettable responsible and sustainable tours, accommodations and volunteer projects, offering the opportunity to discover the wonders of West Africa.