Why You Should Consider A Walking Tour in Stockholm

If you are curious about Scandinavia, you need to consider the Swedish capital – Stockholm. The city is spread across fourteen islands connected by more than fifty bridges. It is actually one of the most visited Scandinavian cities. It is also considered the “Venice of the North”.  You can take a ferry or choose free tour stockholm for a change.

Aside from the urban fresh air and the sea breeze, you will also enjoy learning the history of the Gamla Stan or the Old Town. This is the most famous attraction in Stockholm and it was founded in 1252.  The most enjoyable part is the food tour. Sampling the local delicacies is an excellent way to understand their culture.

Do not miss going to the Djurgarden. This island is centrally located in Stockholm. It boasts of monuments, historical buildings, galleries, and museums. The key attraction here is the Nordic Museum, which houses the biggest collection of historical items and the Skansen, which is the first open-air museum in the world.  You should also consider the Drottningholm Palace, which is the private residence of the Swedish royal family. In 1991, it was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are many places to see and activities to do in Stockholm. These things are better enjoyed with the help of walking tours. Walking tours will enable you to listen to authentic tales and visit the landmarks. Here are other reasons why you should consider free tour stockholm

Walking is a great way to be fit
Walking has many health benefits like increased cardiovascular fitness and improving balance. It can also reduce body fat as well as increase muscle strength. All these things are important to lower the risk of disease and reducing stress and anxiety. Walking tour will ensure that you exercise while you see the sights.

Walking tour provides intimate encounters with the destinations
If you are a seasoned traveler, you appreciate walking because it gives you time to think and appreciate the beauty of the world. When you are walking, you will notice the fine details of the structures, trees, towns and many more.

Walking tour gives encounter with real people
As you visit different islands in Stockholm, you will meet many locals and fellow travelers. Talking to locals and other travelers will open your awareness more plus it can expand your network.

Walking is eco-friendly
Walking is good for your health and nature. It has no carbon emission, which means you leave little to no ecological footprint compared to using cars, buses, trains, and ferries.

Walking gives that feeling of accomplishment
Even it is just two hours or four hours, walking will give you that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. When you arrive at your destination, nothing beats the achievement and satisfaction you will feel.

Now you know the greatest benefits of free tour stockholm. You do not need to do anything except show up. If you want, you can also consider other modes of transportation while touring the city via bike and Segway. More importantly, be vigilant when you are joining a walking tour. Always follow the tour guide.