Visit Asturias (Spain)

9009208054?profile=originalIf we focus on talking about tourist stays, we are excellent places in Spain, as in the case of Asturias . Splendid, varied tourist spots that will be able to please a wide variety of people, Asturias has become one of the most visited of the Iberian Peninsula and it is not very difficult tounderstand why places.

One of the most striking aspects when traveling to Asturias is the cuisine; in few places in Spain you'll get a variety so exquisite and striking as in this area. One of the favorite dishes are tops with more known Asturian cider, which becomes a very complete and appetizing dish.9009208497?profile=original

Asturias is a vast territory in Spain, where Oviedo stands as a city we can not ignore, since it has many interests and beauties that can become of interest. There we can find an infinite number of statues, for example; is one of the cities in the world with more statues and sculptures, the vast majority being created by some of the most important artists from around the world. A clear example of this is the statue of Ana Ozores, known to The Regent; It is a sample of the countless interesting statues mushrooming this Asturian zone.9009209054?profile=original

From an aesthetic point of view, visit Asturias is unmatched by the wide variety of landscapes it has. We can take the case of Senda del Oso, for lovers of  hiking and where you can make many kinds of such activities. It is an area covering about 22 kilometers and is located from Tuñón to Entrago, compressed by a vast terrain on asphalt, fences and others; a land quite striking and where you'll be able to perform such activity.

If we go to Muros del Nalon, we will be able to find one of the most beautiful beaches of Asturias , Aguilar Beach. Here you can enjoy some of the most sweeping landscapes throughout the territory, having arrived there through a highly rocky northern road and eucalyptus.

Visit Asturias is to visit a lush blend of nature with people and modernity; It is a fascinating blend where there issomething that could interest all kinds of people, regardless of their position and their interests when traveling.9009209276?profile=original