What is your family favorite sport? You know, surfing has become a popular family activity nowadays. Every family who is going to spend holidays together can pick one of many surfing destinations worldwide. Speaking about the US surfing tours, it usually includes everything from prestigious hotels to surfing lessons. Besides, your active leisure will include yoga lessons, hiking tours, and family days out. All you need is to rent a car and pack for a trip. Traveling with a big family, call for 7 passenger car rental. A large comfortable SUV is what you really need to feel safe and well-cared.

So where to go for family surfing?

America is a huge country and you can find many places to surf at the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and even at the Great Lakes. These places are friendly for surfers to one degree or another. Everything depends on what to expect from your trip. One way or another, the best surf is produced from October to March, while April to September is perfect for beginners.

No doubt, California is the most popular surf destination in the United States. Why not? Warm climate and breezes from the Pacific Ocean will provide the best waves. American territory is so huge that you can easily rent a car and enjoy amazing surf holidays all year round.



Picking the right place for family surfing, pay attention to your experience. Nevertheless, just a few places on earth can take pride in a true surfing experience. And all of them are situated in America. 

  1. Go to New Jersey

This place is known as the Jersey Shore. It welcomes all kinds of visitors from kids to adults. First times often come here for safe waves and less crowded beaches. Planning to surf in New Jersey, it is better to rent a car in autumn or spring. If you want to relax and go shopping somewhere, you can easily drive your car to New York City or Washington D.C that is situated within a short driving distance from your surfing location.

  1. Go to New York

How is that possible? Many people think that New York is a huge industrial city with many shops, businesses, and people. Where can you surf here? You can find some of the best surfing points in the east coast region. Even if you don’t have your own vehicle, you can rent a car in New York and drive 120 miles to the East. Everyone, who is looking for high rising waves, comes here.


  1. Go to Hawaii

Have you ever been to Hawaii? This is a dream for many families and adventurous surfers to come here. So, rent a car at arrival and go to the south shore of Oahu. You’ll get pleasant warm water, not too massive waves, and high-class hotels and restaurants, and many more things that every surfer needs. Looking for the best surfing place for kids and beginners, stop at Waikiki. What is more, Hawaii has such great attractions as Waikiki Aquarium and Honolulu Zoo to try this summer.

  1. Go to California

It would be unfair to mention the list of top surfing spots in America without mentioning California beaches. This is a real surfing mecca that has much to offer for beginners and experienced surfers. So, if you don’t know where to stay, jump in your rental car and pick one of the many hotels in Santa Cruz or Malibu. The best surfing beaches are Surfrider Beach and Zuma beach. Of course, you can even find great waves on your way to your hotel along the beach! That’s really amazing. You can hardly find such a perfect combination of great waves and wind somewhere else in America.


  1. Go to North Carolina

Lastly, go to Northern California for the best surfing experience. As a rule, people come here to learn and improve their skills. You can’t find big waves here so that you’ll get the best and the easiest surfing experience together with your kids. 

Whatever place you pick for surfing, you’ll always get the most beautiful breathtaking location all year round. Don’t worry if you know about surfing from the pictures only. These American surf spots are great places to watch professional surfers ride the waves and take something from their techniques.

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