Thanks a lot for picking up the receiver! And this has definitely reached you in time. You could be 15 or 50, but my fantastic experience with African Home Adventure tours and travel, keeps reminding me to tell you to give them a try. Even to help coloring your trip more, not to mention making you realize the real meaning of a holiday. Tell like-minded people about a trip with African Home Adventure and convince them to go on a trip with you. If you book the same trip at least four of you or more at ago, you can leave for the next trip without looking for any group of people to join you with.
    You don’t have to worry even if you are one person, African Home Adventure worries for you, if you have a burning desire to see the spectacular view of the great rift valley which is at it’s best in Kenya, compare a miraculous wide range of difference between the animals in the northern and southern part of Equator: -see for yourself the reason why Kenya is called  “a summery of the whole world” or saunter south lands to climb to the highest point of Africa at kilimanjaro see the tree climbing pythons and Lions in the lake Manyara just to mention but a few, then give them a try and I bet you won’t regret trusting them with your holiday.

    You can take like 10 or 20 minutes convincing your fellow travelers to join you and choose African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris as your safari company and I swear you can earn a reasonable return of joy and happiness for your efforts. It gave me a pretty good adventure. Going on a safari never used to be something I prioritized so much before I tried it with Africa Home Adventure Tours and Safaris, but later came to realize that this is one of the things I can passionately toil to work and sweat till I sweat no more for just to get a penny to book a safari with a group of staff that even enjoy doing their work. You can utilize this opportunity as well to meet a bunch of other travelers who also enjoy the same kind of traveling that you do-at the Nairobi International Youth Hostel.
Trusting my words as a living proof and a true testimony of the good services offered by African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris can help you single out a good travel agency among dozens upon dozens of travel companies that you meet in the internet to help you organize your trip.

Don’t consider your age as a hindrance over your trip, whether 16 or 60 there is a tour or tour group that is about to suit your travel interests. During my experience with African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris it also came to my realization that even teachers are very good at courting to promote tours to their students so incase you are a teacher in a high school or college, you can use this grand opportunity to convince your students by organizing a trip to make them enjoy during spring break trips with their friends and classmates, besides good hospitality within the Nairobi Youth Hostel where they are situated   and ‘rock star’ treatment, you as an organizer can also earn a good name when success final prevails after the trip.
Families keep sending relatives and friends over and over again to this company after trying their services. Church members pilgrimages back home with promises to intercede for them to go on with the same spirit of the good work that they do.Voluntary workers and students from different corners of the world take breaks from their working institutions within their busy schedule to tough it out with them before they embark on their work.

By logging onto their site, will channel you to the right avenue to help you decide on the type of the package you want to do with them, depending on the number of days you have to set aside for your holiday in Africa.

Lovers of culture can get a spectacular trips to some of the up-country villages in western Kenya with the help of talented guide, while connecting with a whole new group of friends and get captivating history from experienced storytellers one by within the villages, tasting the true African way of life.
African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris promised me to commit themselves once I did a reservation for my group and that is exactly what they did. Another friend of mine Mr. Wallace Randall who also heard about it came to me worried that he wanted to book a trip with them but they they were only 3 people, when I told him that African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris only needs a minimum of 3 pax to operate the trip, he couldn’t believe it and did the booking first thing in the morning the following day. When they came back from the trip they took a night at the Youth International Youth Hostel which is part of the Enchoro Wildlife Camp in Masai Mara and did another booking of 5 days climb to mount Kenya going up sirimon route and coming down chogoria route, he told me he was offered an art job and even sent me fantastic pictures as an appreciation of the information I gave them, and I am proud.

9008638880?profile=originalI now agree that it really doesn’t take any experience to get started, and that the degree of involvement in planning and operating a trip varies considerably. I am a regular traveler and can compare the trip I heard with African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris with the ones I had with both locally and in Africa with other companies.

9008638673?profile=originalIt’s normal to wonder or to question yourself how you can plan or promote a trip with from within your locality, but this shouldn’t be any big question, if anything it should be an answer for example, promoting a trip for a spring break can often be done quite casually. Maybe just a chat with friends over coffee, a few phone calls to friends, some posters placed around the campus, an advertisement in the school newspaper, and you can easily have 10 or 25 people signed in no time. The more aggressively you promote, the bigger group you get and the more interesting trip you’ll have.

If you are really out to do this, then there is no limit to where or how you can advertise a trip to the general public. The more widely you advertise your trip or pilgrimage, the bigger number you will get and the better rate you’ll get to maximize your chances for success, I’d advise you to announce and begin promoting your trip a tear in advance of your departure date so that you have plenty of time to reach enough people and enable your prospects sufficient time to raise funds and schedule the trip

9008639085?profile=originalIt would even be easier if you are already afflicted with a particular group such as school, church or a club because you already have easy channels of communication place, writing letters or e-mails, making phone calls, announcements at meetings or even service announcements in bulletins . Organizing a trip will definitely give you a reward other than just the trip itself, in the process of taking your time to do this, you will in turn come into contact with people of different races you might never have met anyway- resulting in relationship that lasts a life time. For many, the most interesting part of organizing and promoting tours is meeting new people who have at least some common interest.

9008639090?profile=originalAs a group leader, what you are reading a top of an ice bag, there could even be more and better things to meet and I consider you be in a unique position since you’ve just “broken the ice”- so that when it comes to the time to embark on your tour, all eyes will be on you because of the great job you did to set the ball rolling. This sets a feeling of camaraderie with a large number of fellow tourists that contributes immeasurably to the success of the trip- and can often lead to life- long friendships.

So, put off traveling just because you don’t have the cash, just log on African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris website, get in touch and set a date. Start making plans to take the trip of your lifetime.

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