Travelling & Diving in Malta


Malta is a small Mediterranean Island country that is rich in history. Endowed with the eye-catching historical architectural building, Malta becomes a great historical place to visit.  Its strategic position and the fair weather has attracted many tourists. Malta has a history of having many ancient structures in the world. Its terrain is rocky and flat with many cliffs and bays at its coastlines which provide an ample harbor.


Traveling in Malta is nothing short of fun and memorable adventures. Once in Malta, moving around will require reliable sources of transport to ensure you are in a position to experience the best view of the sites. Here are some of the best means of moving around;


It has a broad range of efficient Island buses where weekly tickets are always available which are necessary for moving around. Malta buses get well equipped with digital and automated that signal stop. They have a Journey Planner, an online plan that readily provides information and route maps.


Bikes offer flexible means of transport that is much easier and cost efficient. It is not much common in Malta, but it offers an epic way of exploring. Cycling is fun and an effective way of discovering Gozo and Malta due to their small size.


The white taxis in Malta, are the only legalized taxis that can pick you from the street. Making early bookings is highly recommended, make payments early and do the negotiations if the need be. The taxi will pick you're from the apartment or your hotel. You should also consider a tourist guide on giving directions and any other required information. There's also a large number of cab operators across the island. One funky company, with an excellent service, is They operate with a fleet of electric cars. There's also e-cabs, the largest company on the island, with a high quality service, wifi fi in each car and more.

Apart from traveling adventure, diving will you a therapeutic feeling. The experience is worth it, and it will leave you nostalgic.


There's a different type of accommodation options in Malta and Gozo. If you want to go high end, book at 5-star hotels across the island. The top 3 hotels in Malta are Hilton, Radisson Golden Sands and Kempinski Hotel on the sister island of Gozo. For those holiday makers how are looking for a less expensive option, you can book a 4 or 3-star hotel, there's about 100 spread over the island. You can also rent an apartment in Malta. Prices depend on the area, central apartments, with sea view, will cost about 30% to 40% more. If you are going to visit Malta during the peak season i.e June-Sept, make sure you book in advance because Malta gets about 1 million tourists every year.

There's another option if you are a bunch of people looking for privacy, farmhouse rentals. There are some huge farmhouses for rent especially in Gozo with pool and you can also hire your personal chef. It's very cost effective because you will be sharing all the expenses between a few people.


Great Places for Diving

Reqqa Point

It is the best dive shore on Gozo. The entry is nearly a vertical wall where Dorado, late in the season, usual go fishing. It creates a beautiful scene of the predator and prey. The rocky ledges get populated by micro life.

Double Arch Reef

Riding on a boat from Marsalforn on Gozo give a spectacular view of an arch. Barracuda and Sea bream are easily located.

HMS Maori

Being located at Valletta Harbour in Malta, which sank in 1992, is readily accessible by divers since it lies low at 16feet or less. Conger eel and John Dory's are found in HMS Maori. Therefore, you should be attentive.



Comino gets endowed with rural charm and great diving. There is plenty of barracuda that the divers should be very keen. Its depth ranges from 7 – 450feet allowing divers to dive deep.

Wreck of the Um el Faroud

It gets considered as the best wreck dive, and it is more than 330feet. It was scuttled and prepared in 1998 as an attractive dive site in Malta.

Favored by weather and many tourist sites, traveling and diving in Malta is the best vacation decision anyone can make. The adventurous moments are worth. The beauty of the land and good hospitality from the locals give tranquility.