In an erotic evening, you are tucked between the dry and deciduous forest, can hear the gentle purr sound coming from the vehicle you are riding on. Some roaring sound, hitting mildly to your ears, the quick swish of a crocodile tail on the marshy water, flowing like a silver chain. Not a soul stirs in this expansive forest, but you’re acutely aware you’re not alone. You can sense the mystery of the forest; yes, welcome to the home of the Asiatic Lion, the world where you can see them roaming freely with their families, sensing your arrival in the Gir Forest.


The history behind the Gir National Park

Until the early 19th century, the Asiatic lions were found all across the south and west Asia. Within Gujarat, indiscriminate hunting by the people of Junagadh led to a drastic decrease in population, even as they were completely wiped out from Asia’s other parts.

The nawab took the first and foremost adjourning journey of saving the lions. A mammoth effort made possible by the Nawab’s and the Indian Government’s post-Independence, ban on lion killing in 1955. It got its name as a national park in 1965; this picturesque biodiversity, the Gir National Park is the only place in the whole world where you can find the majestic lions roaming freely in their natural habitat.


Whereabouts of the Region

The Sasan Gir is situated in the southwest part of the Gujarat state, 65 kilometers from Junagadh district. The park’s entrance is located at Sasan Gir village, where the reception counters and bearings counters are located for further ventures.


Best time to visit the Gir Forest

You can visit the park throughout the year, but if you plan to venture into this forestthe best time starts from October to March. However, this is the peak time to visit the park, as you can also see many species prowling in the park, taking sunbathes in the banks of the streams flowing within the park.


Jeep Safaris in the Park

If you are excited to visit the park’s inner core, then jeep safaris are the best option for you. Before that, you have to go for Gir Safari Booking from the reception and start the adventure journey to meet the lions and other species.


Opening hours of the Jeep Safaris

Morning safari shifts start from 6.00 am to 9.00 am, and the evening shift from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Gir Online Booking is the ticket to enter the zone for the Gir Jungle Trial.

This is short information about the forest, and a guide that you can follow before entering the park, plan a trip to the park and embrace nature’s wilderness.

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