Top 10 places to visit in Dubai

Dubai, such a modern city that is known for its luxurious shopping,ultra-modern design, and the beauty of its nightlife.


Dubai is such a town, where you will find tourist spots that replace each other.

10 places to visit in Dubai:

In this article, 

we will discuss, how to reach those places, about the tickets, and what else will you be able to do there.

10 - Lamer beach.

  • Lamer beach is located at Jumeirah, one island of Dubai.
  • And it's three minutes away from the Jumeirah mosque.
  • No fees is charged to visit.
  • Timings: 10 am to 10 pm ( Remains open)
  • Here you'll see several stylish restaurants, stores, and cinemas.
  • Dubai’s best water park Lagoona is additionally located on lamer beach.
  • No one should miss out on this beach in Dubai.
  • You can participate in all the beach activities on the ocean coast of Dubai.
  • And water sports also are offered here.
  • So you'll be able to enjoy a mini-vacation together with your family at lamer beach.
  • It will take most of three to four hours to explore the complete lamer beach.
  • Do not forget to bring this stuff once visiting this place, Your swimming suits and your floaters.

9- Palm Jumeirah Island.

Let’s point out Palm Jumeirah.

  • This is an island built in the form of a tree.
  • And it's better-known for its luxury hotels,  high living accommodations towers, and upmarket global restaurants.
  • Here the food offered like shawarma, highlight's Jumeirah's boardwalk.

  • And Burj-Al-Arab located at the ocean coast showers its beauty.
  • During night time, stunning beaches, clubs with spa and pool turn into night clubs and live DJ.
  • Palm Jumeirah is for personal residence and hotels and you'll be able to discover wonderful things here like five-star hotels and wonderful restaurants.
  • And there are not any given timings and tickets to go to this place.
  • You can visit Palm Jumeirah anytime.

8- Wild Wadi Water Park.

  • Wild Wadi  Water Park is one amongst the largest water parks in Dubai.
  • The theme of this park is intended as per the traditional cartoon - Sindbad, which makes it an outstanding water park.
  • Wild Wadi Water Park is the best place to pay for your weekend.
  • The twenty-five rides and roller coasters here can boost your mind to such an extent, that you can chuck your stress.
  • The tickets for the wild wadi water park can price 5000 INR.
  • Wild Wadi  Water Park is located adjacent to Burj-Al-Arab open from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • And don't forget to carry your swimming costume, Because you won’t be allowed to enter the water without a swimming costume.

7 - IMG world of Adventure

  • The IMG World of Adventure is that of the world’s biggest temperature-controlled indoor amusement park.
  • The IMG World of the Adventure is split into four zones.
  • First is the marvel zone.
    • Here you'll find distinct and exclusive rides for various Marvel characters.
  • The second is a lost valley.
    • Here, beside the foremost alarming rides, roller coaster rides also are there.
  • The third  is the cartoon network zone,
    • which proves to be a tremendous place for each child further as adults.
  • Along with this, 
    • here you'll get wonderful retailers for food further as you look, And there's the Novo cinema, where movies are shown.

6 - Dhow dinner cruise.

  • The Dhow dinner cruise maybe a dinner cruise that travels across the creek river of Dubai.
  • The Dhow dinner cruise is the best, as exploring the creek river of Dubai.
  • This ride continues for two hours and you'll have tremendous experience being here.
  • From this cruise, you'll be able to even have a glimpse of the gold soak marketplace. 
  • The market is located on the coast of the creek river.
  • Your dinner and entertainment packages are included within the Dhow dinner cruise.
  • At the deck, you'll get a dinner buffet where Indian food is additionally offered.
  • And its lower deck is cool, just in case you are feeling hot then you'll be able to return here.
  • Here,  vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available.
  • The price of a Dhow dinner cruise is sometimes 1200 INR.
  • It usually starts at 6'o pm in the evening.
  • Dinner cruise travels across each of the rivers, the Creek river and marina.
  • I would recommend you reach half-hour before the cruise starts so that no delay is caused.


 5 - VR Park.

  • Dubai Mall is a big mall and it might take more or less a day to tour the complete mall.
  • But I'd recommend that if you are planning to visit  Dubai mall then the place that you should not miss is VR Park.
  • We can play unlimited games for four hours.
  • Virtual Reality Park is the world’s biggest video game indoor park.
  • Virtual reality refers to virtual games and video games.
  • In this game, we'll enter a virtual world in which we want to kill zombies out there.
  • The entry price here varies from seventy-five to a hundred and twenty dirhams, Depending upon the number of games you'd prefer to play.
  • Experience you get here will be unique.
  • Timings:10 am to 10 pm ( Remains open)

4 - Gold souk market.

  • Dubai is not solely glorified for its resorts, parks, and desert

apart from that, there are amazing places here for shopping

  • Dubai’s most visited gold market is Dubai’s Gold souk market.
  • In this market, you will find quite 380 retail jeweller retailers.
  • And some retailers here are older than four decades and some retailers are new.
  • The major trade items throughout this market are gold, platinum, diamond, and generally silver too.
  • Dubai’s Gold souk market is found close to the Deira area of Dubai.
  • There is no entry charge.
  • Timings :10 a.m to 10 p.m.(remains open)
  • One important notice...
  • In the gold souk market, wheelchairs and children are also allowed.

  1. Dubai mall
  • The largest mall in Dubai is the Dubai Mall.
  • Dubai mall is quite a big mall and it might take more or less a day to tour the complete mall.

2.Desert Safari

  • Dubai desert safari is considered as the world’s best dessert.
  • Desert Safari is 6-7 hours of the thrilling and amusing tour.
  • It includes Dune bashing, camel ride, amusement shows like belly dance, and fire shows.
  • This Desert Safari tour comes at the side of your buffet dinner, buffet lunch, and transportation additionally.
  • Desert Safari starts with the cool luxurious car, a land cruiser that takes you to the desert.
  • The timings of Desert safari starts from 3 p.m to 9 p.m if you opt for a half-day package.
  • There are also packages for 2-3 days throughout that you may also camp among the deserts.
  • One important notice...
    • Dune bashing may be a notably rough sport therefore it isn't well for pregnant girls and children.
  • Although besides Dune bashing the alternative things are equally amusing and people of every age group will participate in those activities.

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1 - Burj Khalifa.


  • Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest standing building.
  • The height of that is 828 meters.
  • It has registered seven world records on its name.
  • And these world records embody it being the tallest building, tallest free-standing structure,
  • The highest range of stories, highest occupied floor, highest outside observation deck,
  • elevator with the longest travel distance and so the most important and tallest elevator service.
  • And with these seven world records, Burj Khalifa registered its name in one of the best structures.
  • It is settled among the downtown space of Dubai where you may glimpse Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain.


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