Tips For Travelling On A Budget


Back before the industrial revolution, travelling was a perk that only the elite could afford, a luxury denied to most of the population, who even if they could afford the journey itself - which they couldn't - couldn't afford to stay away from work for that long. Nowadays, travel is relatively easy, but it still never hurts to find ways to cut the costs of our holidays - so we can start saving for next year, if nothing else ;) Here are some tips to help reduce your travel expenses.

1. Travel off-season - This is a no-brainer. High season prices sky-rocket often to unreasonable (if not downright forbidding) heights. In many places, southern Spain comes to mind, the weather is pleasant enough year-round, so travelling off-season is a perfectly feasible option. Furthermore, you get to avoid the peak season crowds.

2. If you're renting a car, rent the smallest possible vehicle - This isn't so much because of the price of the rental itself, but mostly because bigger cars tend to spend more fuel. Another good tip, check to see if diesel is cheaper than gasoline in the country you're travelling to. If that's the case, hire a diesel-fueled car.

3. Avoid tourist restaurants - In most cities where there are tourists, there are restaurants that cater specifically to them. They're usually the ones with food pictures on the menus, and waiters outside luring unsuspecting tourists in. They may serve great food (and then again they may not), but they'll invariably charge you "tourist prices". Look for small local restaurants, where you can taste authentic local food at prices less likely to bankrupt you. If you'd like to save even more, consider buying food in supermarkets rather than eating out.

4. Sharing is caring - If you're travelling with someone else, sharing a room will most often be cheaper than booking double rooms. If you're travelling with a big group, consider renting a holiday home and splitting the cost.

5. Currency Exchange - Generally speaking, you're better off using your ATM card or credit card to get foreign currency in the country you're travelling to, even though the bank may charge you a fee for transactions made in a foreign currency.

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