First time traveling to Hanoi, you want to find some fun places where young people usually spend their time but you have no local guide with you. Then take a look at four activities to do in Hanoi recommended by Vietcruise Tours. These weekend venues are very familiar to young people in Hanoi, but not everyone is familiar with the tourists. Do not hesitate any more, do not go immediately to explore the capital in the capital!


Hanoi has many lakes creating a peaceful landmark with blue sky and green water. Each lake has beautiful and unique historical traditions making a soul of the thousand years old Thang Long. Ho Guom and Ho Tay are recommended by locals as they are two typical lakes with long history, these lakes are known as the connections between people and the city.

Ho Tay (Western Lake)
As known as the land of spirit and sacred. When talk about the amount of temples, there is nowhere much more than in Tay Ho. Actually, if you walk around the West Lake, you cannot count the number of temples around. Some famous and sacred sites include Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vo Thi Pagoda, Kim Lien Pagoda, Tao Da Pagoda, Ba Danh Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Tay Ho Palace, Trich Sai Family House, Yen Phu Family House and Nghi Tam Pagoda.
Ho Tay has an ideal space, airy is also one of the interesting places to enjoy coffee on the sidewalk or cafes along the lake. The café street attracts young people mostly at the weekend. You can schedule a check-in for a week around the West Lake.

Ho Guom (Sword Lake)
Ho Guom Lake is also known as the Sword Returning Lake based on a story with the same name. Ho Guom Lake is located in the heart of the capital - very familiar and close to the people - is like a "flower basket in the heart of the city”.
Sword Lake is beautiful and charming. The trees are also green, all kinds: willow, royal, sấu, sesame, phoenix ... Travelers, public servants, residents here can lightly stroll around the lake to breathe air a good morning or drop by watching the scenery, with the radio station on the majestic straight day "write poetry to heaven”.

Every Friday to Sunday evening, streets around the lake turn into the walking area and vehicles are not allowed to drive here. The crowded street is quickly full filled with lots of activities such as playing wood, jumping rope, singing or skating. People wandering around the lake almost every day. However, the most exciting time is always on weekend. Freelance music bands attract a lot of people to enjoy street art with a full various styles from Vietnamese folk, R&B, hip hop and even Latin dances.

The ancient streets of Hanoi are still preserved most of the values of culture, history of the nation. In the old town there are many ancient houses, ancient streets as well as good restaurants. These restaurants are mostly on the sidewalk so it is very convenient to enjoy and experience.

Watching and enjoying the old town by cyclo (or cycle rickshaw) is an interesting experience that every people would like to do while traveling in Hanoi, especially at the Ancient Quarter. This way of travel will make you feel both modern and ancient, help you to get closer to the breath of life and culture of Hanoi.

Going cyclo is fun, talking with the cyclo driver is even more interesting. In the old streets, sitting on the cyclo, listening to the stories with long history about Hanoi, about every street, every house associated to the dreams of locals though years. Not anywhere that you can enjoy the unique activity like this one.

Hanoi's Old Quarter is like the ancient city of Venice of Europe. To explore the old quarter of Hanoi you have to spend more than a day. But to understand the value of it, you have to spend more than one lifetime.

In some small pottery workshops, you can create your own pottery products such as drawing mugs, ceramic souvenirs or clay statue for your friends and relatives. The price of a ceramic product is about 10,000 VND to 30,000 VND.
Located on the left bank of the Red River, 20 km from Hanoi, you can take a motorbike or a bus to get there. The Pottery Village is a village on the left bank of the Red River, located at the foot of the Vinh Tuy bridge. Bat Trang is a place where ceramics production is famous throughout the country. You can walk around the village, there are many pottery workshops, roads around the village are the walls exposed or unique rustic houses. If you come here, you can walk out near the riverside, there is a unique means to help you discover Bat Trang is the "buffalo car".

You can spend a whole day here, absolutely reasonable. However, there is another very beautiful way that is the way through Chuong Duong bridge, then turn right to envision the whole of Hanoi from the other side of the Red River. Especially in the afternoon, the scene here is extremely beautiful in the golden light.

Duong Lam village is located 44km away from Hanoi and belongs to Son Tay District. In order to reach here, bus or taxi or motorbike is recommended. After buying a ticket you can send a car and walk into the village. However, the most interesting is renting a bike and riding around the village.

The ancient Vietnamese village still retains the material and non-material value of the ancient way of living. To enjoy your day as a local, I recommend you to ask for a traditional lunch in the courtyard of an ancient house, or hear the stories about the village years ago. Visiting the wall covered with moss is also a typical activity that you should not miss when traveling to Duong Lam. This is also the place to create a lot of beautiful photos.

Duong Lam is famous for its “chè lam”, candied peanuts and soy sauce. After the visit, learn about the historical mark, you can go to some households to learn to make specialties on. One-time ticket is 50,000 VND. Here, you are taught how to make a candy bar, package tea properly. Many visitors are delighted to be immersed in the life of local people.

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