The Most Popular Langtang Trekking Trails

The Langtang Trekking Region is the most popular and the third most remarkable destination in Nepal after the Annapurna region and Everest region. The Langtang trekking is a fascinating land of biodiversity and is the largest project area of Nepa, known as the Langtang conservation area and Langtang National park. Its unique biodiversity the scenic grandeur in combination with the multi-culture and multi-ethnic diversity make it the world's most trekking destination. Around the Langtang Region there are many delightful treks like Langtang Valley Trek, Lantang Ganja La Pass Trek, Gosainkunda Lake Trek, Gosainkunda Pass Trek, Tamang Heritage Trek and Langtang Helambu Trek.

The Langtang Trekking Region is completely based on moderate and low epic adventure journeys. However, anyone easily joins the trips according to the trekker's holiday length and preference schedule. Langtang Treks can be completed within 6 to 15 days from the capital city of Kathmandu. The Langtang region is very rich in biodiversity, vegetation, and ethnic cultures too. There are some popular trekking peaks Yala peak climbing and beautiful passes such as Ganja La Pass, Gosainkunda Pass, and Pangsang pass. When you are hiking around the Langtang valley you will explore nature, local hidden Tamang culture, natural hot springs, hills, mountains, forests, authentic villages, wild animals like red panda, musk deer, snow leopard, landscapes, marvelous scenarios, and thrilling Langtang himalayas. The Langtang Lirung and Ganesh Himal is the tallest mountain in the Langtang region but you can see the Shisapanpa peak from Cherkuri viewpoint it's above 8000 meters and it's located in Tibet.


Langtang Valley with Gosainkunda Lake Trek is one of the blissful journeys that leads to exploring and discovering the magnificent valley of Langtang, sacred Gosainkunda lakes with the dynamic culture of the Tamang people. Langtang Trekking is the best destination to hike around the breathtaking mountains, forests, rivers, villages and such beautiful places too. Nepal High Trek & ExpeditionTeam would highly recommend the Langtang Trekks to all-mountain and natural lovers. We are here ready to lead you to show the hidden beauty of Langtang Himalayas and help to create unforgettable memories together.