Thanksgiving in New York!

This year for me was a little different - I was working out at JFK, dropping off some British travelers for the flight back home, when I was asked by a friend to meet her at the balloon blow-up on Central Park
West. Wow - I've not had the chance before, so ... let me see if I
could make it.

But the E train wasn't working and I had to walk through the proverbial strange neighborhood at night to get to the F - I could imagine how some could be scared! And, you know what? The city
could do better about the signs directing people to such detour
locations ... but I'm not here this morning to gripe!

I got to the American Museum of Natural History - and boy! The crowds!

Iwas lucky I could cross by a short-cut from CPW south of 81st St. -
which was jammed with balloons and people. I tried calling my friend
to check on where she was - but the call couldn't get through! Everyone
was calling everyone else - couldn't get a signal!

But, it was fun, and the three of us met and went to a nice, relatively quiet restaurant on 71st St.: Pasha. Why not Turkish for Thanksgiving, eh?

The evening was certainly cool, but we took to our feet and walked back across the park.

Perhapsyou wouldn't want to walk across Central Park at night, but there were
three of us, and the lights were bright - and there were others like us
walking. It's only half a mile anyway.

I wasn't sure I would beup the next morning early, but I was and there was a message: "I'm going
to go watch the parade! You?" Why not!

Yes,yes, that's Ronald McDonald - and boy there were more, and all the
marching bands, and all the celebrities and and ... and the people!
Everyoneseemed to be out, and especially the grandparents with their
grandchildren. But even some who just wanted to see a parade.

I'dbe happy to hear from any of my readers - and please submit your
comments! - which of all the parades we have in New York is your
favorite: Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's, Columbus Day, Steuben Day, or the
parade of your choice. And let us all know just what is is about that
parade that you like the most.

I think the Thanksgiving Day Parade is my favorite ... because ....

it's for the kids!

But,well, you can also say you like Thanksgiving because it's for the
families, right? And it's a time when the whole family - more or less!
(And "families" that just seem to form ad hoc!)

It was a nice parade - but it was getting cold so we went in - for we each had places to go people to see!

But, there were more balloons .....

And there were still people there, excited and willing to brave the chill to see the whole thing. Maybe next year!

Let me know how your Thanksgiving Day was - and, did you see the parade?
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