Some Must-Taste Food Items of Chinese Cuisine

To Chinese people, foods have an important significance. From thousands of years, this country has been witnessing various cultural and historical diversities that made remarkable changes not only in the culture and lifestyle of the nation, but also in its cuisine. Chinese cuisine consists of numerous dishes and if you wish to taste all of them, it will surely cover a decade.

Here are some of the must-taste Chinese dishes you should try on your visit to China:


Roast Duck of Beijing:

Roasted duck is one of the most popular dishes in Beijing and one should always give this a try. Compressed air is vaccinated in between the skin and flesh of the duck, such that it looks shiny and glossy. They also serve this dish in a unique way. They make around 120 slices of this roast containing both the skin and meat.  

Rice Noodles:

Rice noodles are also one of the most popular dishes in the country; people eat rice noodle in every occasion be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Guilin is mostly known for its rice noodles because they are cheap, mellow, fragrant, strong and pliable. These noodles are often served with soybeans, sliced meats, chopped scallions, fried peanuts and gravy. Some also serve soup with this dish to their customers.


Sichuan hotpots are one of the spiciest dishes available. The broth is seasoned with spices, pungent herbs and chili peppers. The primary ingredients in this dish include wine, crystal sugar, hot pepper, sea cucumber, duck, mushroom eel, spring onion, kidney slices, chicken breasts, etc. This is also one of the most common and popular dishes available in Chinese cuisine. 


Dumpling is one of the oldest and traditional food item of the Chinese cuisine, and mostly available in the northern part of China. Dumpling is mainly made by mixing chopped vegetable with minced chicken wrapping it in a thin and elastic type slice of dough skin. Some most popular fillings used in these dumplings are minced beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, and pork along with finely chopped vegetable.   

Dim Sum:

Dim Sum is another very popular Chinese dish that you just cannot miss. Whatever it is, lunch or breakfast, dim sum is popular in every occasion. This snack is of the most delightful dishes that is served in a “bamboo basket” along with a hot cup of tea. You can stop at the restaurant even for an hour or more, just to have this dish. The waiters there in the restaurants come with a cart full of dishes, you just need to point on one and it will be served on your table.    

These are some of the must-try dishes in China. Apart from these, there are also some dishes that you can try in the country. Luxury tours and travels across China gives you an opportunity to enjoy all these lovely dishes.